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Do Cute Kids Like Radiohead? – Paranoid Android Review – “Our gang of adorable tykes are back and this time they’re reviewing Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”.” [via b3ta]

Beastie Boys 1987 – Beastie Boys in japanese TV show

Rob Hopkins – My Town in Transition – TED talk by the Initiator of the Transition Town Initiative, Rob Hopkins

DJ Food’s Summer Bottled – Sunspot – Bee sounds made into Beats! Love it. But for a Beer Commercial? Well I suppose it pays the rent, innit…

History of New York City – sweet animation

a grain of sand – “In the thirty-six-years that he has lived on the island, Brendon and his friend, Rene Lafortune, planted sixteen-thousand trees, built 4,8 kilometres of nature paths, and brought and bred 110 giant land tortoises, creating an island of incredible beauty now worth 34 million Euros.” my new hero

David Shrigley vs Anish Kapoor – “David Shrigley jokes about Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate.””

Orgstep Dubgasm (EM) – “EM’s latest NSFW bass warped supercut is Orgstep Dubgasm, a dubstep mashing of some of the most iconic orgasmic scenes from film.”


Banksy Ideas (banksyideas) – “There’s this cow, yeah, but it’s face looks like Obama. And sucking on its cow tits are Cameron, Sarkozy and Kim Jong Un” Remember when Banksy exited us? [via b3ta]

Avaaz Attacked: Cyber-war vs People Power – “Use the tool to the right to donate to an Avaaz defence fund to take our security to the next level, and show our attackers that whatever they throw at us only makes us stronger.”

White Car – Now We Continue (Heinrich Mueller Continuum) – Gerald Donald, half of Drexciya during much of the 90s, remixes white car.

Off the Grid : Eric Valli – “There are growing number of people who have decided to live light on the earth to not be a part of problem anymore I spent the last few years with four of them striving for harmony with nature in the most pristine corners of United States.”

Occupy Wall Street’s anarchist roots – “The easiest way to explain anarchism is to say that it is a political movement that aims to bring about a genuinely free society – that is, one where humans only enter those kinds of relations with one another that would not have to be enforced by the constant threat of violence.”

Urban Plant Tags – Include Care Instructions

May Day, 2012 (big photo gallery) – with xeni selecting the photos, the gallery must be great

Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rappers Delight is Released. – the latest episode is out, “They Gonna Kill the Culture with Vinyl”, wait what? Oh…

Moss Grafiti – what do they mean by water-retention gel?

A Mixtape for Your May Day – “May Day is finally here, so pump yourself up with this exclusive download, inspired by Occupiers all over the world.” free mixtape

John Peel’s Record Shelf – A is out!

Wormworld: Chapter 3 – A Monstrous Forest – “Ok, I’d say go and have a good time with Chapter 3!”

Get Our Damn Book and Support The Cause – “The Architecture for Humanity team has assembled an indispensable handbook for anyone committed to building a more sustainable future.”

Moment of Clarity by SoulDr3000 – “featuring clips from Occupy The Hood Radio”

So what the fuck has occupy done so far? – “Off the computers & into the streets.”

André-Alexander Giesemann: #15 – Photo Series of German Clubs after the Party, in full light

Facebook likes aren’t speech protected by the First Amendment-Bland v. Roberts – “it’s well off the mark to say in this case that “likes” were not speech for First Amendment purposes. As menial as a Facebook like may be in the overall scheme of life, it’s an announcement to your Facebook friends that you support something, whether it’s a cause, a candidate, a company, or another person.”


what’s the system and how can i fuck it? – “FUCK THE SYSTEM!? — WAS IST DAS SYSTEM UND WIE KANN ICH ES FICKEN? ist ein Online Kurzfilmwettbewerb für alle, die sich trauen sich dieser Frage zu stellen. Finde es heraus oder scheitere kläglich. Aber tu es. Und gewinne 1000 CHF dabei.”

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