perfect hiphop mix

when it comes to music the word perfect is not a word i’d use very often lately.
there are two possible explanations for this: either i have gotten jaded or there is in fact not a whole lotta really great music coming out in recent years… and it’s prolly a bit of both, innit?

but but but…
here it is: the perfect hiphop mix!!!!
badmeaningood scratch perverts
various artists ::: badmeaningood VOL. 4 scratch perverts :: whoa music UDRCD021
the badmeaningood mix-series on whoa has always been rather good.
previously mixed by skits, roots manuva and most recently peanut butter wolf the quality of these mix compilations has always been high.
and not only because of the fantastic banksy artwork!
but in VOL. 4 of the series the scratch perverts have taken things to a whole ‘nother level.
effortlessly their mix moves through their influential favorite tracks, covering ska then funk then old school hiphop, weaving the mix on and on, throwing in some bay area hiphop classics, reggae, ragga and electronica on the way.
it convinces with a brilliant mixing technique as well as with the selection of tracks. the harmonies are always smoothe, each new track logically blends in and kicks in perfectly on time. plus: the multiple DMC world champions held their scratching skills back nobly and allowed the music to breathe…
it is perfect!

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