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Euro 2012 animated histories – “A short animated series telling the history of six of the teams taking part in Euro 2012”

Superpowerless – The IT Crowd (Feat. Sparkles* + MC Wreckshin + B-TYPE + Happi) – “It’s a parody of the theme song from The IT Crowd.”

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury – Rachel Bloom – “A sexy pop song dedicated to the science fiction/fantasy author, Ray Bradbury. 2011 Hugo Award Nominee”

In Memoriam: Ray Bradbury 1920-2012 – “In this excerpt, Bradbury reads his poem, “If Only We Had Taller Been.””

Blek Le Rat Stencil Pioneer DVD – portrait about the unlikely stencil pioneer

Watch BBC’s ‘Punk Britannia: Part 1, Pre-Punk 1972-1976’ — full episode – “historic cosmology, meteoric impact and smouldering aftermath of the most genuinely transformative force in British popular music history.”


The Yes Men: #ShellFAIL Viral Campaigners Exposed – “Greenpeace, the Yes Lab, and members of the Occupy movement are claiming responsibility for a set of actions that have focused intense attention on Shell’s Arctic drilling program.”

Time and Space on the Lower East Side – “Time and Space on the Lower East Side, is a set of photographs that looks backward and forward, that posits the idea that places are not simply “then and now,” but exist in a continuum of decay and rebirth.”

Terraced 48 Inch (61cm) stainless steel Planter – “This Home Harvest Farm is a three tiered home gardening product with 3 X 4 ft troughs to grow plants with a depth of 10” to accommodate plants with deeper roots.”

Time For Outrage On Behalf of the Planet – “It’s Time to Fight the Status Quo – My solution is: get outraged.”

Food Type – NURIA BRINGUE – Spanish Designer creates Food Font by cutting it out of various Foods

How the internet killed porn – “It’s 15 years since Louis Theroux turned the TV cameras on to the US porn industry. Now he is revisiting it to see if anything has changed – and he finds a business in crisis” to the right of him, only the wall

BIG DADA Jubilee Shmubilee – the start of summer and the long slow decline of our nation into flag-waving senility, we’re uploading a link for you to download a totally free Big Dada sampler entitled ‘JUBILEE SHMUBILEE’

Game of Thrones and the Good Ruler complex – I get her point, but this is exactly the kind of rant that makes leftists look and feel pretty anal retentive

Louis Theroux supports internet porn restrictions, revealing: ‘I’m quite a puritanical person’ – “Louis Theroux has told how fatherhood has moved him to support greater restrictions on internet pornography, fifteen years after he investigated orgies, prostitution and gay porn for his own TV show.” Oh no, Louis, sad stuff

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In memory of «HeiWid» – “Our friend, partner and BD member Heinz «HeiWid» Widmer
(4th of April 1967 – 1st of June 2012)
passed away – suffering from cancer.”

Wenn die Biotomate von Syngenta kommt – “Die Recherche zeigt, dass die beiden Agrochemiekonzerne Syngenta und Monsanto bei Peperoni 56%, bei Tomaten 62% und bei Blumenkohl gar 71% aller in Europa geschützten Sorten besitzen und somit den Markt dominieren.”

Kopf des Tages: Der Blogger von Bern – “Flurin Jecker: Der 21-Jährige war einer von zehntausend Demonstranten in Bern – und doch viel mehr.”

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