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Kid Koala 5 Bit Blues – “From the Album 12 Bit Blues”

From Towns & Fields – “A misty day at Beachy Head in Sussex accompanies Grasscut’s first single from their second album, Unearth”

Hide and seek Toddler POV – “My darling 2 year old wearing my head cam, and playing hide and seek”


Vegetables grown on factory roof for use in worker canteen – “Vegetables are seen growing on the roof of a factory in Shaoxing, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province. Ailuo garment factory planted more than 40 varieties of vegetables on its 4,800 sqm workshop roofs. The harvest is enough to produce meals for all 200 workers in the factory canteen.”

UC Davis official’s rare photo of bee sting captures 1st place award – “A photograph of a honeybee stinging a man with its abdominal tissue trailing behind, the first of its kind, was more than 100 years in the making.”

Salt-maze kills the stupid slugs, rewards the clever – “combatting a nasty slug problem with a nastier slug-maze, which promises a fiery death for slugs who stray from the true course, but rewards the cleverest slugs with all the jam they can eat.”

Biz Stone Explains Why Twitter’s Co-Founders Are Betting Big On A Vegan Meat Startup – “Obvious Corporation, an incubator created by Biz Stone and Evan Williams, is backing a company that makes a plant-based meat substitute that it claims is going to make people forget that meat has to come from animals.”

Miniaturist Crafts Cardboard Streetscapes from Scraps – “Clean surfaces don’t speak to me,” says Evol in a statement at the gallery, “so recording these marks is a process of remembering the charm of a place that will soon be painted over.”

Brian Wood – The Massive – “The Massive is my next big, multi-year, creator-owned comics series, published by Dark Horse, and its a topical, socially-aware action story about environmentalism and the end of the world.”

Google Is Evil – “Who gave these new media companies the right to invade our privacy without our permission or knowledge and then secretly store the data until they can figure out how to profit from it in the future?”

Kid Koala ’12 Bit Blues’ album teaser – “a limited version will come with a DIY card turntable and flexi disc plus interior drawings and paintings of kid koala’s studio”

Giant Pussy Riot Statue Is The Best Anti-Putin Protest Mascot Ever – “As 50,000 protestors marched through the streets of Moscow just hours ago protesting Putin’s usurpation of the proverbial Russian throne, this group carried a giant wooden colorful ski mask. All hail Pussy Riot!”

Stanya Kahn: It’s Cool, I’m Good – “The first UK solo show of LA-based artist Stanya Kahn features recent video work, drawings and a brand new commission. Absurd, poignant and darkly comic, Kahn’s videos create intimate portraits of compelling subjects as they struggle for success or mere survival despite setbacks, trauma and destabilised senses of self.”

Earth may be near tipping point, scientists warn – “Humans are now forcing another such transition, with the potential to transform Earth rapidly and irreversibly into a state unknown in human experience”

Grasscut: Unearth – “A shadow version of every track on this album has been recorded on a unique cassette. Each has been hidden with a walkman and headphones across England and Wales.”

Ms. Lauryn Hill, It was reported yesterday that Ms. Lauryn Hill has… – “Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual. I Love making art, I Love making music, these are as natural and necessary for me almost as breathing or talking. To be denied the right to pursue it according to my ability, as well as be properly acknowledged and compensated for it, in an attempt to control, is manipulation directed at my most basic rights!”


Das Rolex Learning Center an der EPFL in Lausanne, revisited – Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne, Panorama. Plus instructions how to host panoramic photos on own server, without hassle and flash

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