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New York City in Miniature – “This video is a time-lapse, tilt-shift (made to appear in miniature) musical art thing. The song is “New Star in the Sky” by Air.”

New York City Subway Stairs – “There’s something very unique about my subway station.”


Sun Boxes, A Solar-Powered Outdoor Sound Installation – “Sun Boxes by Craig Colorusso is a sound installation of 20 solar-powered speakers that each play a different loop of guitar notes (video). The notes played by each box combine to create a constantly changing musical composition.”

Top 10 vegetables to sow now, stir-fry later – “It may be late June, but there are plenty of vegetables that can still be sown, cropped and cooked this season.”

How to play movies from inside RAR archives without extracting them – “You can use VLC Media Player (version 1.0.0 or later) to play movies inside RAR archives. Just use the Media–>Open Files menu and navigate to the folder containing the multi-volume archive.”

moritz waldemeyer: listening chair for imogen heap – “german designer moritz waldemeyer has collaborated with students from middlesex university to develop the ‘listening chair’ for singer/songwriter imogen heap. the aesthetic is based on the iconic 1960s design, which is enhanced by also becoming a personal recording studio complete with speakers, a camera, microphone and integrated LED strips that light up on the interface.”

GBH x PUMA: gaffer font + italian football federation badge – “today in their UEFA EURO 2012 semi-final against germany, they’ll be sporting the latest PUMA home kit featuring names and numerals set in the ‘gaffer’ font designed by GBH.”

Nas vs Massive Attack by MASSIVE ATTACK – this should be THE summer tune of the season

Vinz Don’t Be Afraid Mural in Valencia destroyed by Police – “The Spanish National police touched a new low on Monday Afternoon when three policeman allegedly destroyed VinZ’s new mural (covered).”

D.J. For A Day – “before the era of huge radio conglamerates and when many DJs actually had the freedom to pick personally the tunes heard on their shows, a fair number of singers decided to record songs about DJs themselves, no doubt in the hopes of increasing their record’s appeal to the various gatekeepers behind the microphones.”

The Burden of Disease and the Changing Task of Medicine – “In many respects, our medical systems are best suited to diseases of the past, not those of the present or future. We must continue to adapt health systems and health policy as the burden of disease evolves.”

The Singularity is Near – “The Singularity is Near, A True Story about the Future, based on Ray Kurzweil’s New York Times bestseller, intertwines a fast-paced A-line documentary with a B-line narrative story.”

Noam Chomsky tells Julian Assange: Humanity ‘like lemmings going over the cliff’ – “In fact, if the species continues on its present course, we probably will be facing destruction of the possibility for decent survival from things like fossil fuel use. That’s an extremely serious issue. It’s kind of like lemmings going over the cliff”

The Game – “The situation in Egypt has turned hilariously complex, to the point that if you detach yourself completely from the fight, You will be able to see the fascinating design that’s taking shape, and what the very near future holds for us.”

E4 asks viewers if they want The Midnight Beast to ‘unleash the beast’ – “Already an online phenomenon with more than 48 million hits on YouTube,The Midnight Beast bring their bonkers all-singing, all-dancing brand of comedy to E4.”

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