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A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self – a guy made a tape for his future self when he was twelve, 20 years on

Carrot & Stick – politics!

You might call it crisis but it’s silence to me – “Short version / 2012” guy dancing like a turkey in front of monochrome billboards, but wait, there’s an even longer version?

Project: Match Rockets – “You can make these super fun, easy, and cheap rockets from stuff you probably have around the house. All you need are paper matches, a paper clip, a pin or needle, and a scrap of aluminum foil.”

BBC Olympics 2012 Trailer – “The BBC unveiled the title sequence and marketing campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games.”


The IRL Fetish – “We may never fully log off, but this in no way implies the loss of the face-to-face, the slow, the analog, the deep introspection, the long walks, or the subtle appreciation of life sans screen.”

Stream a rare 1996-2006 mix from Squarepusher – “The mix is something of an autobiographical retrospective, assembling an array of Squarepusher tracks ranging from 1996-2006.”

Andy Votel’s mix tape – a mixtape of songs for dads to listen to with their kids

Organic Farmers File Appeal Against Monsanto – “It’s time to end Monsanto’s scorched earth legal campaign of threats and intimidation against America’s farmers. Family farmers should be protected by the courts against the unwanted genetic contamination of their crops,”

Austrian Family Lives a Plastic-Free Life – “Can you imagine your life without plastic? That means no computer, no mobile phone. no car and a whole lot of other stuff we’ve come to consider basic necessities. It sounds a nearly impossible task, in this day and age, but a family in Austria has proven it can be done.”

Benjamin Gaulon: “2.4GHz” – “The 2.4Ghz project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be used for wireless surveillance cameras, but it can also be used for parents to monitor their children. Such systems are becoming more popular as they get cheaper. But what most users of those devices don’t realise is that they are broadcasting the signal.”

The Olympic evolution – “What counts as an Olympic sport? It depends on the year — live pigeon-shooting was a hot new event in 1900”

Catering For Monsters With An Edible Swamp – “the most perfect dessert table for a boy’s birthday party don’t you think?..”

Petition: Microsoft Corporation: Rename the font ‘Comic Sans’ to ‘Comic Cerns’ in the Windows 8 OS. – “we believe that Microsoft should rename ‘Comic Sans’ to ‘Comic Cerns’ in Windows 8 and in future releases of the Windows operating system.” sign it!

Alex in the Chelsea Drug Store – “This reveals a lot more detail should you wish to scrutinise a favourite scene such as the dolly shot in A Clockwork Orange where Malcolm McDowell makes a circuit of the “disc-bootick” before chatting up a couple of devotchkas.” list of all the records visible in the record shop scene of clockwork orange

God particle found – “Physicists at CERN say they’ve found the Higgs Boson. Not surprising – illustrations of the “God Particle” closely resemble the FSM.”

The Foreign Japanese Kitchen – “The project aimed to deal with this paradox, and aimed to introduce Japanese food culture in a suitable way in today’s Swedish environment, using as much locally available ingredients as possible.”

Cow’s Milk or Almond Milk? – “What’s really in your carton?”

Following Barclays’ Scandal, Stiglitz says ‘Send Bankers to Jail’ – “breaking the economic and political power that has been amassed by the financial sector in recent decades, especially in the US and the UK, is essential if we are to build a more just and prosperous society. The first step, he says, is sending some bankers to jail.”

How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down – “In the beginning, Anonymous was just about self-amusement, the “lulz,” but somehow, over the course of the past few years, it grew up to become a sort of self-appointed immune system for the Internet, striking back at anyone the hive mind perceived as an enemy of freedom, online or offline. It started as a gang of nihilists but somehow evolved into a fervent group of believers.”

#Euro2012 – A visualization for the action on Twitter during the European football tournament – “The Streamgraph below shows volume of Tweets during the #Euro2012 period”

Declaration of Internet Freedom – “We believe that a free and open Internet can bring about a better world. To keep the Internet free and open, we call on communities, industries and countries to recognize these principles.”

A Radical Gabfest With Laurie Penny – “Sharp, exuberant, funny, passionate, and radically progressive, Laurie Penny (aka Penny Red) has a lot to say, and she isn’t afraid to say it… no matter what.”

The Spiritual Crisis of Capitalism – “Regardless of the mechanisms behind the action, if too many more people become unemployed, underemployed, and unemployable, some might begin to wonder if they were just unlucky or if the system is actually flawed, if the promise of capitalism and the free market is a rigged game. The secret might get out: capitalism certainly creates jobs, but it also creates unemployment, and in its late stages capitalism produces the unemployed as a new class.”

Strange Hungers – “Sadie Hennessy – Strange Hungers delves into the mysterious workings of desire, and the insistent lusts and yearnings of the sexual appetite.”

Gooseberry recipes – “Few summer fruits rival the gooseberry for complexity, depth and sheer zesty oomph”

FREEBASSEL – “Bassel Khartabil has been unjustly detained for nearly four months without trial or any legal charges being brought against him.”


Aus „Tanz dich frei“ wird „pflanz dich frei“ – Guerilla-GärtnerInnen nehmen Zürich-Altstetten in Beschlag – “In Anlehnung ans Berner „Tanz dich frei“ gabs in Zürich-Altstetten vergangenen Freitag das „Pflanz dich frei“.
Die Guerilla-Gärtner-und Gärtnerinnen-Bewegung nahm eine der letzten ungenutzten Flächen in der Zürcher Agglomeration in Beschlag.”

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