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The Rise and Fall of The Clash teaser – “A new documentary directed by Danny Garcia and co-produced by David Mingay (Rude Boy) and Robin Banks, that tells the inside story on the collapse of one of the most influential bands of the 77 UK explosion.”

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome – “Fluff-headed loon Boris Johnson welcomes the world to the London Olympics.”

Touristin filmt riesigen Gletscherabbruch – “Die globale Erwärmung lässt immer grössere Eisberge im Meer treiben.”

Imogen Heap Sings Salt Shapes – “Ever wondered what Imogen gets up to in her kitchen late at night? Singing salt into shapes, of course! ;-)”


Mural Critical of the NYPD Buffed by the NYPD – “A politically-charged mural in Inwood that spelled the word “Murderers” and criticized many issues and organizations — the NYPD included — was painted over only days after it went up. And it wasn’t a paint a crew that that did the buffing, it was plainclothes police officers from the 34th Precinct”

Pussy Riot protest: Artist sews mouth together in support – “A Russian artist has sewn his mouth together in support of three members of punk rock group Pussy Riot, who are currently under arrest for their anti-Putin protest.”

Learning From Norway’s Tragedy – “In this context, it is a mistake to treat crimes committed by extremists as exceptions, subject to special processes. They must be held accountable in accordance with and to the full extent of the law. Hiding suspects from public view merely dehumanizes the perpetrators and undermines any moral or judicial lessons.”

Let Jello Biafra SHOCK-YOU-PY You – “SHOCK-YOU-PY! is my own tribute about the Occupy Movement. It’s called SHOCK-YOU-PY! because I come from the side of resistance that has a soft-spot in my heart for pranks and creative sabotage of the non-violent variety.”

mademoiselle maurice: urban origami installations – “french artist mademoiselle maurice has expanded her ‘urban origami installations’ to swathe the streets of vietnam, hong kong and france with her ‘vietnam and hong kong installation’ and ‘hexagon rainbow’.”

Denver Anarchist Black Cross Statement on the mass murder at the Aurora Century 16 Movie Complex – “The writing of this statement was prompted by rumors circulating the internet that the person alleged to have shot over 70 people in an Aurora movie theater on July 20 was a member of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross.”

The Race For Gold – Infographic showing what some of the athletes at the olympics are earning

UK Authorities Going After Real Threat to 2012 Olympics: Street Artists – “[Darren Cullen, founder of Graffiti Kings] and three others were arrested for “suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage,” and reported that it’s all “part of a pre-emptive sweep against a number of alleged graffiti artists before the Olympics””

Woman Gets Naked In Public To Protest Ebook Pirates (NSFW) – “I’m doing this for my book so it is not pirated anymore anywhere in the world,” desperate times call for desperate measures, or sumink…

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