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Excited train guy, New York! – It’s Double Trainbow Guy. Funny, but it feels performed.

Surveillance Chess – “Equipped with an interfering transmitter !Mediengruppe Bitnik hacks surveillance cameras in pre-Olympic London and assumes control. The artist collective replaces real-time surveillance images with an invitation to play a game of chess. The security staff’s surveillance monitor located in the control room becomes a game console.”

The Cowboy and the Frenchman – “A rare short film by David Lynch.” need I say more?

The 8-Bit Games! – “Here are the sports you’ll see at this summer’s big sporting event, in a glorious 8-bit montage.”

Brick-by-brick men’s basketball: USA v France – “An animated reconstruction of highlights of the USA’s first match of the tournament, in which the favourites beat France 98-71.”

Paris In Motion (Part I) – “Timelapse and Stop-motion Photography.”


The contained – “The container is the universal unit of the global commodity society, facilitating the swift exchange of all kinds of product. Precarity, likewise, connotes a basic form of labour that submissively and flexibly adjusts to any form of employment and system of production.”

DeadDropDog – “If you hang out at K67_Urban Router try to spot Ray and play with him. If you are nice and he likes you try to find out what kind of files he has on him. It s recommended you have a Leckerli or extension wire at your hands!” Ray the filesharing dog.

The conversation: How a tweet can change your life – “Paul Chambers went to trial for a joke he posted on Twitter, while Guy Adams was suspended from the network this week after criticising a TV station. So what have they learned?”

How rave music conquered America – “After 20 years, electronic dance music has made it big in the US. And big means big. With Las Vegas’s Electric Daisy Carnival grossing $40m, and DJ Skrillex commanding rock-star fees, the scene is leaving its druggy underground roots behind and being reborn as bombastic super-spectacle”

The 2012 Olympics ©: A Cyberpunk Dystopia – “Multinational corporations have become more powerful than states. They have their own laws, their own territories and control the lives of their employees from birth to death.”

Bees in my roof. – amazing bee hive squat.

Olive :: The Movie – “Olive is the very first full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone.”

This is London now – instagram photos pulled by geolocation data

olympic athletes’ meals by sarah parker + micheal bodiam – “UK designer sarah parker and photographer micheal bodiam have teamed up to re-interpret a series of dishes based off the diets olympian nutritionist dan benardot recommends for high-caliber athletes.”

warren elsmore: 2012 olympic stadiums built with LEGO – “the stadium project took 300hrs to build over a short timescale of 3 weeks. around 250,000 bricks were used – the vast majority of which are ‘1×1’ pieces”

Revolution 101 – “A YouTube channel under the name FSAHelp (Free Syrian Army Help) has posted over 80 videos aimed at helping the Syrian opposition to learn different skills – from hand-to-hand combat to making flame-throwers to the basics of assault rifles to creeping up on an enemy from a hidden position.”

VISUALISATION – OLYMPIC SECURITY – “Here’s a figure to illustrate this excess: for every one athlete competing, there are four security personnel (see our visualisation). The British Army is providing 17,000 personnel, 70% more than the number of troops in Afghanistan.”

Pussy Riot: will Vladimir Putin regret taking on Russia’s cool punks? – “The feminist collective hit the headlines when three members were arrested after an anti-Putin protest. Now they face up to seven years in jail, a prospect that has shocked and radicalised many Russians.”

Olympics 2012: Twitter users blamed for disrupting BBC’s cycling coverage – “We don’t want to stop people engaging in this by social media but perhaps they might consider only sending urgent updates.”

London, Underground – The New Inquiry – “Londoners knuckle down. We don’t grumble. We get on with things. We keep calm”

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