ars electronica 2003 .:. code

today i am getting ready for my trip to linz.
the conference at this years ars electronica runs under the title: code – the language of our time
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“Software and digital codes will be the centerpiece of this years Ars Electronica entitled CODE the Language of Our Time. Software as the law code prevailing in cyberspace, digital codes as basic elements of media art, and the convergence of information technology and biotech are the three thematic focal points that crystallize into the formula Code=Law, Code=Art und Code=Life.”
highly interesting stuff! the nerd in me will have a field-day. i am trying to get exited about questions like: “How can we go about defining a contemporary digital media art that concentrates on these new practices but does not set aside its conceptual forerunners?”, “How strong is the socially regulative and normative power of the software monopoly actually?” or even “Will we use this genetic alphabet to rewrite the Book of Life or to summon forth a biological Babylon?”
meanwhile i am trying to configure my mobilephone for WAPing in austria and battling around with all sorts of log-in’s and passwords, so my fotologs will work and my blog will receive it’s daily updates…

things often feel so mundane, next to the beauty of abstraction.

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