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Allison Schulnik Beautiful/Decay Studio Visit – “Allison discusses how her paintings inform her animations and vice versa, the long history of artists in her family, and how Los Angeles allows artists to have quiet time in the studio yet have a community.”

Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City – “Brett Cohen came up with a crazy idea to fool thousands of pedestrians walking the streets of Times Square into thinking he was a huge celebrity, and it worked! Not only did it work, it caused quite a stir.”

Minivelo small but very fast – One Small Bicycle

SUPERCUT: Temper Tantrum – “God, that man looks really pissed.”

Party at the Bedford Ave station – “Caught this on my way home” ah, new york

Eclectic Method – Bill Murray – Bill Motherfuckin Murray

MIDWAY – a film by Chris Jordan – Plastic Waste


Free your Instagram photos with a Creative Commons license! – “1585 people are releasing their Instagram photos under a Creative Commons license. Join them and make the world a better, more creative place!” 1586!

DEVO – Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) – a devo song about romneys dog on the roof of his car.

Interview with ‘We Colonised the Moon’ – “Time machines, false memory, earthly landscape, moon rock gardening, flying saucers, lunacy, galactic adventures and the occasional rabbit. That’s the world sketched by Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser.”

Sight & Sound 2012 directors top 100 films – new films have it hard.

Tour De France – Doping Palmares – so who is clean enough to have won it?

Tom Colbie Art – “Shots from a parallel dimension”

Tom Morello: ‘Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against’ – “I wonder what Ryan’s favorite Rage song is? Is it the one where we condemn the genocide of Native Americans? The one lambasting American imperialism? Our cover of “Fuck the Police”? Or is it the one where we call on the people to seize the means of production? So many excellent choices to jam out to at Young Republican meetings!”

Lance Armstrong: full statement on end of doping fight – “Seven-time Tour de France winner’s full statement on abandoning his battle against the US Anti-Doping Agency”

Trigger Warning Week by Penny Red – “This vitriol, this rape-redefining in the name of conscience and whistleblowing and Wikileaks and Julian Assange, it has to stop. It has to stop now. Non-consensual sex is rape, real rape, and good guys do it too, all the time, every day. Sorry if that hurts to hear, but you’ve heard it now, and there are things that hurt much more, and for longer, and for lifetimes.” well said, penny

Pyotr Verzilov: Pussy Riot’s Bearded Face – “Pussy Riot as a band was modeled on things which were at the forefront of Western culture in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. And after their protest was crushed, it was very easy for the West to get this as an illustration of what is happening in Russia.”

THE DICTATOR’S PRACTICAL INTERNET GUIDE TO POWER RETENTION – “The goal of this guide is to provide leaders of authoritarian, autocratic, theocratic, totalitarian and other single-leader or single-party regimes with a basic set of guidelines on how to use the internet to ensure you retain the most power for the longest time”

The Wrong Reasons to Back Pussy Riot – “But Pussy Riot and its comrades at Voina come as a full package: You can’t have the fun, pro-democracy, anti-Putin feminism without the incendiary anarchism, extreme sexual provocations, deliberate obscenity and hard-left politics.”

Original Robot Sculptures and Robot Art – “Inspiration comes from a youth filled with a healthy dose of science fiction, mythology, comic books, and still having the playful mind of a seven-year-old.”

Sabu Gets 6-Month Sentencing Delay for Continuing to Help Feds – “Sabu, the hacker who turned informant on the rampaging Anonymous offshoots Antisec and LulzSec, is getting a six-month reprieve from being sentenced on 12 counts of violating federal law, due to his continued cooperation with the feds”

Solar Oven Transforms Salt Water to Drinkable Water – “The deceivingly simple device transforms salty water to clean drinkable water in one day of sun exposure – just by filling the top-mounted black boiler with salty water and tightening the cap.”

How To Dry Food With the Sun – “But there’s an easy way to overcome humidity: convection, i.e. hot air rises. Most solar dehydrators take advantage of the passive movement of hot air to lower humidity enough to dry food.”

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