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きのこ帽子 Mushroom hat – Kitteh Pimp looks mighty grumpy.

Call Me Maybe – Shot for Shot by Honker Jones – the sex slave version

The Wire RPG – “The consoles change but the game remains the same.”

Pussy Riot Burns Putin In New Video – “Our country is dominated by evil men” a new video appeared.

Flying Lotus • Until The Quiet Comes – fantastic short to promote new album.

Chris Cunningham: jaqapparatus 1 – “For “jaqapparatus 1″, his first installation unveiled last month at the Audi City London high-tech concept store—a shadowy, sci-fi set involving two laser-firing robots locked in what seemed like a brutal mating ritual-cum-war—Cunningham cast two Talos motion-controlled camera rigs as his anthropomorphized protagonists.”

Morgan Freeman narrates 50 Shades (NSFW) – “Morgan Freeman commentary improvised by Josh Robert Thompson”

ThisSideUp – “Big Foot is real. … Cardboard art, sculpture drawings and a chicken bucket.”

Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco – shredding SF.

Empire State of Pen – “Timelapse video of artist Patrick Vale drawing the view of the Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building.”

#socialmedia – “I have more questions than I do answers with social media. We live in a ridiculously hyper fast pace life where information is exchanged so rapidly that it makes us feel inadequate and drains our attention span. This painting was executed at the GALORE festival ( in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

A Lesson in Interoperability – “Four-year-old Z. is frustrated to discover that his different construction toys are not interoperable.”


Obama poster artist gets probation for evidence tampering – “The street artist who created the iconic red, white and blue Obama “Hope” posters in the lead-up to the 2008 presidential election was sentenced Friday to two years’ probation after tampering with evidence, prosecutors said.”

Sad news: Berlin’s legendary Tacheles art squat forced to close – “Acting on at the request of building owners HSH Nordbank, who intend to sell the site on to a developer, police evacuated and closed the building on the morning of September 4.”

Artist ‘clones’ President Obama and Lady Gaga in yeast – “Concept artist Jonathon Keats’ latest exhibit is an experiment in open source cloning — using brewer’s yeast cells to model the epigenetic, or environmentally influenced, makeups of the US president and Mother Monster.”

McDonald’s first vegetarian restaurant: a flash in the pan – “What change does McDonald’s newest initiative herald?”

richard goodwin puts black dots on vacant buildings in venice – “as part of the australian pavilion at the 2102 venice architecture biennale, sydney-based architect richard goodwin has conceived an installation which integrates the urban fabric of venice, only accessible to visitors via a taxi boat ride during the opening days of the international architecture exhibition.”

FEEDback Farms: Bionic Gardens – “Some people like to talk to their plants; now, their plants can (kind of) talk back. With a wireless sensor network, Feedback Farms provides a solution to decentralized gardening/farming by establishing a system wherein the moisture levels of the soil are monitored and communicated via the internet. Feedback Farms is an urban agricultural organization seeking to investigate New York City’s potential to host viable farms on vacant lots and stalled construction sites. Flux Factory will be a pilot site for their newest cohort of crops that trigger a LED notification as they require water, making it easy for even those without green thumbs to know how to respond to the needs of their silent friends.”

Internet Anagram Server : Anagrams for: goldmann sachs – Clash Mans Dong

うまい仏 Tasty Buddha « koshikawachi – Buddhas sculpted out of rice snacks.

1906 Earthquake Blended with Today – “What if I could precisely line up photos taken in 1906 with my own and combine the two together? I’ve always been frustrated by typical “then and now” photos because the photographer always seems to do a sloppy job aligning his ’then’ photos with the ‘now’ photos.”

A Policy of Displacement: Israeli House Demolitions in Gaza and the West Bank – “Visualizing Palestine is the intersection of communication, social sciences, technology, design and urban studies for social justice.”

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