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today i am on the long-ass journey from bern to linz. hours and hours of train.
8 hours and 59 minutes through horrible austrian mountains to be exact.
ugh. good books and magazines are essential.
i will read the newmedia reader on this trip. quite appropriate, no? the reader, published by MIT press, claims to trace the history of media art through a collection of texts from borges to mcluhan to donna harraway’s cyborg manifesto to tim berners-lee.
nerd-alert! but highly interesting stuff!
electrolobby – the work-in-progress lab thingy – will feature 2 very cool projects this year: “a programming language, a graphical programming environment, an instructional user interface and, at the same time, a designer community.” an attempt to make programming accessible to users with even very little technical knowledge. “the scene is made up of 15,000 young software enthusiasts from all over the world who get together at huge creative workshops and competitions.” should be buzzing in the basement…

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