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Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut (Until The Quiet Comes) – “Video directed by Cyriak”

Charlie Bit My Finger Horror Remix – “Charlie Bit My Finger… reimagined as a horror movie trailer.”

V71 F-Buch / V72 F-Book – “Stop motioned instruction manual by FREITAG”

Lorn – Weigh Me Down – “Official video for Lorn’s ‘Weigh Me Down’, taken from the album ‘Ask The Dust’, out now on Ninja Tune.”

Quiet rithmic rush – a bicycle sound installation – “Sound installation by Leonardo Ulian”

Paris vs New York – “D’après le livre de Vahram Muratyan, Paris vs New York, Éditions 10I18”


Italy Court Upholds American Convictions – “Italy’s highest criminal court on Wednesday upheld the convictions of 23 Americans in the abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a Milan street as part of the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program, paving the way to possible extradition requests by Italian authorities.”

Jamy – Smart Toaster – it’s a design concept for a toaster that toasts the weather onto your toast

Fermenting culture wih Sandor Katz – “Because we drink chlorinated water and antibiotics are so grievously overused, we need to consciously replenish and diversify the bacteria in our guts by eating living foods like fermented vegetables and yogurt.”

Diphthong – apparently we bernese german speakers are big fans of diphthongs, uuhuere geil

Best Word Ever- Final – ok, i’ll admit, I had to google the winner

What Americans Depend On – did you guess it?

Why Philip Roth needs a secondary source – “Wikipedians not only have no way of deciding whether Philip Roth is an authority on Philip Roth, but even if they decided that he was, they have no way of knowing that the person claiming to be Philip Roth really is Philip Roth”

cloud made from 6,000 light-bulbs by caitlind brown – “calgary-based artist caitlind brown, her project ‘cloud’, a life-sized interactive light installation engages the public to participate by standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud”

slinkachu: the global village – “London-based artist slinkachu presents new work as part of his exhibition ‘global model village'”

OccupyForLife Arrested on September 17 and rapping in the back of the NYPD paddywagon! – “Arrested on September 17, 2012 #S17 and rapping in the back of the #NYPD Paddywagon!”

Rebecca Solnit: Occupy Your Victories – “A year is nothing and the mainstream media is oblivious to where power lies and how change works, but that doesn’t mean you need to be.”

The Full Story Of How A Boston Journalist Got Arrested On Some Bullshit At The Anniversary Of Occupy Wall Street – “At 2pm yesterday, he was an aspiring broker who was walking to lunch, when he got violated by people who, up until that moment, he thought were there to protect him. By 4pm, Tyler was chanting in solidarity with a horde of Occupiers. And by the time that we got out, he was itching to head back towards Zuccotti and get more footage of police beatings. If that’s not the best birthday present that Occupy Wall Street could ask for, then I don’t know what is.”

Jackson Ripley, 12-Year-Old Coloradan Boy, Writes Letter To Romney Saying His ‘Plan For America Isn’t What We Need’ – “You’re domestic plans (birth control, gay rights etc.) are horrible! Women should get to manage their own health, and if you wonder why you’re not appealing to many women voters, rethink your birth control and women’s’ rights plans. And people should be able to marry whom they want.”

FAIL – Prominent Pirate Party Politician Goes After Book Pirates – “Julia Schramm, a prominent board member of the German Pirate Party, had success in scoring a lucrative book deal and finally had her work published this week. Nothing out of the ordinary there, if it wasn’t for the fact that Schramm and her publisher are now clamping down on book pirates.”

INVASION KIT #14 – damn sold out already

Start the Week with Andrew Marr – Salman Rushdie – In a special edition of Start the Week Andrew Marr talks to Salman Rushdie.

A Speculative List Of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems – “Awkward street cred issues re: recent events with “the 99%.””

Comedy Ensues as Twitter Users Hijack Newsweek’s #MuslimRage Hashtag – “Lost your kid Jihad at the airport. Can’t yell for him. #MuslimRage”

What happened to Occupy? The Police! – “One year ago, a few feet down the road, Occupy Wall Street began – the first protest camp at Zucotti park igniting a wave of anti-capitalist, anti-austerity protests across the world, from Melbourne to London. Tonight it’s just these few sleepers, and one reporter, me, where a year ago you couldn’t move for press. What happened between then and now?”

epic occupy wallstreet photo by @timcast – best.

Chris Brown album sold in HMV with ‘This Man Beats Women’ warning stickers – “Advisory stickers appear on controversial singer’s ‘Fortune’ album in London stores”

S17 Action Plan – “On September 17, we will occupy Wall Street with non-violent civil disobedience and flood the area around it with a roving carnival of resistance.”

Animated Tower (HESAV s’anime!) – “A giant human and architectural performance realized by NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond and Trivial Mass Production. The 11 floors tower of the HESAV (Health High School Vaud) has been animated as a rudimentary screen whose pixels are, in fact, all the windows and shutters that students, staff and friends shake for hours.”

What happened to Occupy? – “Natasha Lennard asked an assortment of Occupy stalwarts and commentators, “What has happened to Occupy?”

afterlife – light painted skellies – meow skellies.

alphandery – traite complet apiculture – we so want this book, but 464.55 euros is way too much

Neurosis on working with Steve Albini, locking horns with Godflesh and making time stand still – “There’s no tricks, there’s no gimmicks, it’s true recording. The way it was with Zeppelin or Sabbath or any of your favourite records from the ’70s. None of this nitpick computer bullshit, where people one at a time in the control room add their parts.”

Make love not porn, says Oxford graduate on a mission to make sex more erotic – “Cindy Gallop sets up erotic website as an antidote to hardcore sexual imagery”

David O’Reilly – “The idea with releasing things online is you hopefully gain an audience. You might make a little bit of money if you charge for your short film, but at the expense of potentially millions of eyeballs.”

Gaia Bees | A new approach to living with bees – very spiritual, a little new agey, couldn’t help to crack a few sarcastic smirks, but kinda beautiful anyway

Punk: An Aesthetic: Johan Kugelberg,Jon Savage,William Gibson,Linder Sterling – “from posters for punk-rock bands and indie filmmakers to fanzines and other independent publications, the art of the punk movement revolutionized design in ways whose influence is still felt today, and reflected the consciousness of a counterculture with a clarity seldom seen since.”

Where did punk begin? A cinema in Peru – Surprised yet?


Grübel bei Schawinski: «UBS schuldet dem Staat nichts» – Good Neocon soldier UBS Ex-CEO Grübel: “Der Staat muss bei der Regulierung nicht eingreifen – er muss aber auch keine privaten Unternehmen retten.» Das sei im Fall der UBS auch nie nötig gewesen, so Grübel. «Deshalb sind wir dem Staat auch nichts schuldig.»”

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