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Jake/Herbaliser: 10 That Made Me Want To Be The Herbaliser – “Ten Tracks that made me want to be The Herbaliser- by Jake Wherry”

THE FIRE & THE ASH / BURNING MAN 2012 – The mistery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience

I got 99 Problems but Mitt ain’t one – “This Political Remix Video features Barack Obama rapping a modified version of Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” Mitt Romney has a few lines in the role of “the police officer.” This parable I give unto you: Not a few who meant to cast out their devil went thereby into the swine themselves.”

Best Movie Death Scene Ever – source: Kareteci Kiz a turkish film from 1974

A Homeless Polar Bear in London – Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead – “Our leaders won’t listen to her, but they’ll listen to you. What do you have to say to those who want to destroy the Arctic?”

Rodea el Congreso 25-S, policía infiltrado entre los manifestantes – “El policía secreta se identifica como compañero. Es una prueba de que había policías infiltrados en la concentración del 25-S” police try to arrest a police undercover agent provocateur

metronomes syncing – no worries, they is unscyncing right after again

There are Two Kinds of People – “I’m starting to think there are more than two kinds of people”

25S Intimidación y denuncia a prensa – Press and innocent bystanders who fully cooperate and show identification being bullied and intimidated in madrid, spain

Waiting for an iPhone 5…for no reason – “This woman is not a plant, she is a real person, and she is brilliant” CLUELESS.


Ludo New Billboard In Paris, France – “Ludo is back on the streets of Paris with this new billboard entitled “My Last #tweet”.”

Grime Writer : Cleans away grime to leave your message – “Grime Writer is a special chunky marker pen that can be filled with cleaning solution, and used to create art on a canvas of filth. Use it to tag your dirty vehicles & windows, or to transform dirt into artistic expression.”

Is Barack Obama the President? – single serving site visualizing the latest poll results

Tom Morello, Tim McIlrath, Serj Tankian and Occupy Wall Street, ‘We Are the 99 Percent’ – “the Occupy canon – largely comprised of “earnest folk songs” – was missing a true rock anthem. “It’s our gift to the movement,” he says of “We Are the 99 Percent,” a fists-against-the-wall riff-riot”

Breweries of Europe – I don’t even drink beer, but this map of european breweries seems odd and incomplete. At least in Switzerland many breweries are missing.

The Plot Against Occupy – “How the government turned five stoner misfits into the world’s most hapless terrorist cell”

How to Be a Digital Anarchist – “Like a beginner’s digital Anarchist Cookbook, this is our guide to making the most of your anarchic web experience, using technology to help with everything from circumventing surveillance face-recognition software to erasing your tracks online and dodging copyright.”

You’re probably an optimist (but we can fix that) – “a team of European researchers have figured out how to get people to treat positive and negative news equally. All it takes is to disrupt the activity of a small section of the brain, specifically on the left side of your head.”

Battlefield Madrid – Spanish Revolution – “Police panicked once they were surrounded. They were beaten back on all sides. We won.” fairlt reasonable sounding account of what happened in madrid last night.

intelligent wearable camera – autographer – “a new type of hands-free digital camera has been developed by london-based oxford metrics group, that captures thousands of photographs a day through a custom wide-angle lens. the ‘autographer’ uses five on-board sensors and GPS to identify the perfect time to take a photo based on changes in light and colour, motion, direction and temperature, allowing the device to capture images based on the users change of speed or location. from this, users can experience spontaneous moments unfold through natural, unpredictable images and stop-frame videos throughout the day”

The Islamophobic Subway Ads Have Already Been Vandalized – “These openly racist subway ads from Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative were put up just hours ago, and already, an enterprising vandal has defaced them. The stickers label the ads, which label Muslims as “savages,” for what they really are– “racist” and “hate speech.””

Anonymous Leaks Zuccotti Raid Footage – “Today we release to you a cache of hours Zuccotti park raid footage. Brought to you by the New York Police Department’s TARU! As many of you know, the NYPD denied freedom of press the night of the Zuccotti raid by kicking out the media and keeping them two blocks away. They also detained and arrested several journalists. Much of the video being released is edited by the NYPD, and at times the edits are quite blatant, probably trying to cover up their brutality committed November 15th in Zuccotti park.”

BEYOND THE BLOCK & A NEW RUPTURE MIX – “In helping to make this block party happen, I ended up working closely with people involved in the rent strike on 46th St. The mixtape idea clicked into place all at once: I would select made-in-the-USA cumbia instrumentals, and have those sounds serve as a backing track to the rent strikers explaining, in their own words, what is happening, why they are struggling. Most of the three rent striking buildings’ residents are Latino immigrants, many from Mexico. I mentioned my idea at a meeting — people were into it. Pues… ¡Vámonos!”

Pussy Riot’s Prison Interview – “We couldn’t even imagine that the authorities would be so dumb that they would actually legitimize our influence by arresting us. Sure, they tried to intimidate us constantly. But unlike Putin, we’re not chickenshit.”

Meeting A Troll… – “I received a parcel at my home address. Nothing unusual there – I get a lots of post. I ripped it open and there was a tupperware lunchbox inside full of ashes. There was a note included ‘Say hello to your relatives from Auschwitz’ I was physically sick.”

How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Newest Attempts to Track Everything You Do, Even Offline – “Facebook’s reasoning is that they need a system to provide marketers with more concrete data, and Datalogix has data from about 70 million households drawn from loyalty cards and similar programs.”

Foxconn worker riot closes factory – “Much like with the situations in Egypt and other Arab Spring countries earlier this year, microbloggers are painting a different picture than the one presented by official sources; numerous Weibo posts indicate that the riots were started not by a fight between workers in off-campus housing, but instead by security guards beating one or more workers nearly to death”

Announcing Wooster on Paper #2: Graphite – “We curated Graphite from 31 artists around the world, asking them to sketch in pencil. The result is a visually enticing book that delicately explodes with emotion.”

growing a wellness paradigm from the ground up – “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” Fukuoka, The One Straw Revolution

DJ Food created two DJ Shadow retrospective mixes for XFM – “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big Shadow fan so this was a thrilling opportunity and also a daunting task. The mix had to be between 17 and 20 minutes long according to Eddy, how on earth to fit so many great tracks into that length of time?”

Street Ghosts project – “In the hippest areas for Street Art, life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are printed and posted without authorization at the same spot where they were taken.”

My arrest at Occupy Wall Street – “Jail is waiting. Depressing waiting. Humiliating waiting. Pointless, tedious waiting in a crowded cage with dead roaches and no running water, where officers processing you through the system laugh at your discomfort and fear.”

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