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so here i am in linz.
the trip was long and sort of boring.
you can watch the movie here. loop it!
it’s the next day, i slept well after watching some footie last night in the hotel [island:germany 0:0 only! he he!!!], and later eating some grapes at the opening party [which btw. was called login: – the first downloads and performances of the festival *arf* an awful name for a boring party. but it’s mostly me, really. standing around in smoky rooms, with loud music, where you don’t understand a word of and end up screaming at eachother, it’s just not fun. i tend to fall asleep at parties… so we left early]
then today, the sun woke me up, it hit me right smack in the middle of my face… i loved it.
the pressconference is about to start and my week as a mock-journalist can begin!!! woo! yay! or am i a wanna-be journalist? or even a could-be?

right now my biggest pleasure is a rather naive one: the wifi in the building. i was a wifi virgin up to now. so this is great. hah… cables can fuck off!
oh i almost forgot. the whole conference can be watched as a realtime stream at
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