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She relates her rape on Facebook – New English subtitles – “A Swedish girl 14 years old, raped in August, created the emotion on the internet today after breaking the code of silence by posting on Facebook a film about his ordeal.”

Mitt Romney debates himself – “The real Mitt Romney debates fake Mitt Romney.” and yet, he is leading in the polls now …

Obama Vs Romney Debate Remix – “Regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit that these guys look better awash in beats.”

Eclectic Method – The Future – “Blade Runner’s Megacities alongside A.I.’s flooded New York and Idiocracy’s run down shanty towns. Some technology predictions in these films have already proven to be accurate and some are still a ways off – or not!”

Why Obama Now – “An animated short about the big choice in 2012’s presidential election By Simpsons / Family Guy animator Lucas Gray.”


Million Muppet March in Washington to defend public broadcasting – “Mitt Romney’s pledge to end subsidy for PBS is met by protest spearheaded by Sesame Street’s Big Bird”

RIP Amanda: Social media networks tell story of Vancouver area teen who committed suicide over cyberbullying – “A Vancouver area teen who told a heart-breaking story in a YouTube video of cyberbullying that led to an all-out schoolyard attack has committed suicide.”

“We are not crazy. We just know what’s going on around.” – “To make ‘Yellowism’ exist. Like ‘art’ exists. We want this context to be recognized as real. We want to do it physically, no just online.”

Awakening from the Dream: The Real Facts on Fukushima – “Awakening from a dream with a future, into a nightmare without one, takes courage, and it takes time. Facing up to the real challenges of Fukushima may sound as difficult as holding back the ocean (or raising the minimum wage).”

WikiLeaks Goes Behind Paywall, Anonymous Cries Foul – “Secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has moved millions of documents behind a paywall, prompting blowback from elements of an underground ally, the hacking group Anonymous, including one well-known member to conclude that it “cannot support anymore what WikiLeaks has become.””

#October 13 against Debt – “To the financial institutions of the world, we have only one thing to say: we owe you NOTHING! To our friends, families, our communities, to humanity and to the natural world that makes our lives possible, we owe you everything.”

The Street Museum of Art – “The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is a public art project aimed to challenge previous methods of exhibiting street art.”

picoWeather – local weather a browser tab – picoWeather shows local weather in one of your browser tabs

::: Ditology ::: Famous Finger Person – Famous Finger People

Blueprints – “It is three in the morning and I am about to be arrested. I am using chalk to draw out the blueprints of where the tents had been prior to the dismantling of the Occupy Wall Street encampment by the NYPD in Zuccotti Park.”

Capitalism – By Slavoj Zizek – “The main victim of the ongoing crisis is thus not capitalism, which appears to be evolving into an even more pervasive and pernicious form, but democracy — not to mention the left, whose inability to offer a viable global alternative has again been rendered visible to all. It was the left that was effectively caught with its pants down. It is almost as if this crisis were staged to demonstrate that the only solution to a failure of capitalism is more capitalism.”

Occubaby is born! – “a young woman who was pepper-sprayed by the NYPD during an early Occupy protest fell in love with, and became pregnant by, the street medic who tended to her stinging eyes.”

It’s Time To Debunk The Myth That Copyright Is Needed To Make Money – Or That It Even Makes Money – “This assertion turns out to be false for a very large number of observed cases, but the plural of anecdote is never statistics. So let’s look at some sound statistical evidence for policymaking on this issue.”

occupy wall street 1 year : BARTOSZ MATENKO PHOTOGRAPHY – “2012-09-17 Occupy Wall Street first anniversary.” stunning photos

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