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Mitt vs. the truth (Steinski’s fair and balanced hiphop remix) – “This video was create by”

RSA Shorts – The Power of Quiet – “The world is full of noise and those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?”

The Boardroom – “For our latest mission, a group of 24 actors between the ages of 48 and 78 staged an unauthorized boardroom meeting in the office chair department of a Staples.”


Solid Steel Radio Show 26/10/2012 Part 3 + 4 – Z-Trip – “Z-Trip with a mix created for the Shepard Fairey exhibition ‘Sound & Vision’ in London. Fairey reached out to producer and DJ, Z-Trip to create a soundtrack that embodies the spirit of the show.”

Animal Vegetable Mineral: a curiosity company – “Animal Vegetable Mineral is a boutique food events business providing edible interventions for festivals, parties and pop-up experiences.”

Eat Your Heart Out 2012 – fantastic creative cakes of veneral diseases and such at the pathology museum in london.

Anarchist Bookfair London 2012 – this saturday

The Yes Men Are Revolting by The Yes Men – “Truth commandos deliver hilariously awkward hijinks exposing injustice and challenging everyone to join the revolution.” fund the new yes men documentary

How do our favorite tech companies make money? – Good question, one could also ask, Do they make money?

geometric food art by sakir gökçebag – “turkish artist sakir gökçebag has skillfully re-imagined the idea of food through his series of artworks”

Stream Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer’s full remix of The Orb and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – “the oddball techno specialists have remixed ‘Soulman’, from The Orb and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s recent album The Orbserver in the Star House.”

Rogue geoengineer creates massive Pacific plankton bloom – “An American businessman is under fire after dumping 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Canada under the guise of a geoengineering experiment.” Humans!

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