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Specials V Wu Tang – Message To You Rudy V Cream – “Track Team mashup of The Specials’ Message to Rudy and Wu Tang’s Cream.”

Obama vs Romney (Parody) – Cassetteboy – “Obama vs Romney (Parody) is Cassetteboy’s take on the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Presidential Debate.”

Rise of the Machines – “Most people see drones as a controversial weapon prowling over foreign battlegrounds. But as America’s military campaigns wind down, these machines are coming home and set to change civilian lives forever.”

…moi non plus – “…moi non plus is an interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg’s song “Je t’aime moi non plus” in the form of an audio game.”

Hurricane Sandy: View From Above – time warp images from the roof of the nytimes

Hollande chante Super Mario ! – pas pas pas etc.

WTF kitty! – kitteh muy dramatico

Mister Jason Has A Posse! – “The A-Side creatively features 26 emcees—one for each letter of the alphabet—each spitting rapid fire 4 liners into Hip Hop history!”

The Herbaliser – March Of The Dead Things (Night of The Necromantics) – “Music video by The Herbaliser performing March Of The Dead Things (Night of The Necromantics). Department H”

Surveillance Camera Man 3 – troll turning video surveillance around

Meet The Sock Mob – “Check out what we’re all about! Meeting street friends, socialising and creating exciting new walking tours led by homeless guides…”


Milan art installation has visitors walking on air – “A Milan art gallery is playing home to an aerial installation which has visitors clambering high above the ground across layers of clear film.”

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath – “As the remnants of Hurricane Sandy dissipate over northern Canada, the full scale of the damage left in her wake is becoming apparent.”

Tombstones, Uncanny Monuments and Epic Quests: Memorials in World of Warcraft – “In this paper we document a series of memorials found in the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and outline the repertoire of game elements the game developers have used to build these memorials within the game world.”

After Burning Man I took the train from Paris to Berlin and did this mixtape )'( by AdamFreeland – it’s good.

Mister Jason – Son of Frankensteez EP – “instant classic ‘Mister Jason Has A Posse’, a rap tune where 26 different rappers take a letter of the alphabet for four bars and let rip using as many words starting with their given letter as possible.”

Lebbeus Woods, 1940-2012 – “architect Lebbeus Woods passed away last night, just as the hurricane was moving out of New York City and as his very neighborhood, Lower Manhattan, had temporarily become part of the Atlantic seabed, floodwaters pouring into nearby subway tunnels and knocking out power to nearly every building south of 23rd Street, an event seemingly predicted, or forewarned, by Lebbeus’s own work.”

Choices, 2012 – Pepsi or Coke

Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring And Rap Activity Tumblr – “It’s like one of these coloring books that kids have except way less boring.”

‘Obama caused Hurricane Sandy’ say conspiracy theorists – “As far as conspiracy theories go, I think this one only merits a “meh.””

Infinite Gangnam Style – works in chrome browser only

WifiTagger – “WifiTagger lets anyone with a wifi enabled device tag digital space.” may invite a few passive agressive communications among neighbors.

First vertical farm opens in Singapore – “The first commercial-scale vertical farm has opened in the tiny, densely-populated city of Singapore, with the aim of decreasing dependence on food imports”

Shepard Fairey ‘Sound & Vision’ – StolenSpace, London – Kev finds much more positive words than I could, great review of the show I loved to hate so much I went to watch it twice.

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