21. 12. 12 – Last Call For Global Change

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So next week we reach that flipping date. 21. 12. 12. So much has been said about it. The Mayan prophecy. The end of the world. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

But what might actually happen? So much speculation. So much guesswork. Will the world really end? Or might we witness a huge cosmic shift? Will there be a grid crash? Rapture? Is anything going to happen at all?

Most people just laugh or shrug it off, some people are genuinely worried. Whatever their reaction, one thing can be said for sure, there is a good chance that most people living on the planet today have had a thought or two on the topic.

Fearing the end or wishing for it?

I am embarrassed to admit, that I had times when I was quite worried. All the “signs” were certainly there. We experienced more and more extreme weather leading to catastrophe after catastrophe while social and political systems seemed to crumble all around us.

But then I had to realize that thinly disguised just underneath my worry lay hidden an actual wish for the world to end. Yes, there are times when I am quite disgusted with humanity, and I very much include myself here. Sometimes I hope things will go tits up for us, for humanity on planet earth.

To realize, that my fear of an apocalyptic end was tied to a wish for just that, debunked the whole thing for me. I’m in good company here, for many people who worry this wish lies just on the flip side. One explanation I read, for many people it has to do with a twisted sense of grandiosity, the wish to be a part of it when an event of such epic and final proportion happens. That is also why many people keep falling for apocalyptic scenarios.

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What is going to happen?

Nothing. Nothing at all will happen on the day itself. Sorry guys, no cataclysmic event in the outside world that will forever change things for us, no doomsday, no flash bang rapture show, no swooshing sound and the lights go out – forever after. Nope. I am an atheist and a skeptic and do not believe in such a thing.

Changes usually happen over periods of time, not on specific days, not in flashes. In fact if something will change on this date, it would have to have started a number of years ago and continue for quite some years after it.

Nothing is going to happen but we can give it significance

Nothing will just happen to us, no act of some higher power will strike down to forever change things. But it is entirely in our power to make something happen. In that sense I believe that we can give this date a very significant meaning. If enough people are willing to commit to it, the date can mark the tipping point, the date when we started to change our ways. On a more gloomy note, it may even mark our last chance to start the transition, that needs to happen so very urgently. But that is speculation.

For there can be no doubt, the world we live in is in huge trouble. Economically, ecologically, socially things are in a highly critical state. We do need to change our ways. Fast. If a critical mass of people is now ready to commit to this change, it might be our last chance of survival on our planet.

The change will have to occur in the right way and for the right reasons

There needs to be a deep change both in the inner and in the outer world; individually, in the way we understand and treat ourselves, as well as collectively, in the way we treat our planet and its resources. Inner change accompanied by outer change; and vis versa. Not only do people need to be willing to do deep inner work, there also needs to be a substantial willingness for outer change, a readiness to make huge personal sacrifices, to change our lifestyle, but also the political will to change policy on every level of government.

Change has to occur on all these levels in the coming years. What is needed now is a critical mass of people with a willingness to commit to this process.

But even more crucially, we need to examine our motivations. People focusing on inner change, often do so for very egotistical reasons, many are just in it for their own salvation. Similarly people fighting for change in the outer world, many activists, most politicians, can do so for very cynical and destructive motives.

There needs to be a believe that we can still do this, that the world is not beyond salvation.

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A time for honest assessment

I have to be honest, I have a huge problem. I believe change needs to happen, outer, inner, global, local, total and detailed change. But I don’t really believe in humanity anymore. So that is where I am at. If I can’t shift this around, I am doomed.

I urge everyone to do an honest assessment. Change can only start from exactly where we are at. Everyone should really look into their willingness to turn things around, assess how many sacrifices they are willing to make, inner and outer, what are they willing to fight for, and for what reasons. If enough people find the right reasons, humans might have a future. Otherwise this beautiful planet will just shake us off like a dog shaking off fleas.

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