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woo! i got hacked! it was a gentle-fun-pranck-hack. a wow-how-did-they-do-that-hack.
my ftp-client all of a sudden had a new button. an additional pull-down menu.
and no, i did not click that button.
do you think i should have?
so that was fun. but other than that the joy of wifi gets somehow dampened by the constant ping floods, that i am having to block. [it’s no wonder really considering the fact, that there are 50 hacker kids hanging around in the basement on the same wifi]
and, the wifi won’t work inside the conference hall. i gave up on it, so that’s why you won’t see any right-on-time blogs here. (unlike over at marc [cantor’s] voice)
in the hall you can observe these other blokes sort of hovering around their laptops in the air, trying to catch the wifi. so that’s a new behavior.
is there no code against this yet? thou shalt not hover yer laptop?
then we met this year’s ars electronica wanker par excellence. if you ever feel like seeing the definition of a wanker/scientist you must go see pierre levy.
mr. levy is a master at the art of how to speak for half an hour making sure no one understands.
or: of how to create a theory that only he himself will ever be able to understand.
his french accent sort of did not seem to help, an observation which i admit must stem from some weird codes i am harboring.
böttöm öp vs. töp down…
more later!

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