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After a recent, rather disappointing PDC (Permaculture Design Course) I realized that I am probably more the learn-by-doing, DiY type and so decided to search for and collect free online resources for permaculture information and beyond. If you know such resources please let me know, thank you so very much. I will keep updating this post as I find new sites or if links get sent to me.

And let’s build the People’s Free Permaculture School, anyone? A free online PDC, anyone? A free permaculture academy, anyone? The permaculture revolution needs to be set free!

I will keep updating this post as I find new sites or if links get sent to me.

Free Online PDC

Free Online Permaculture Design Course – someone posted this in a comment here, that for some reason I can’t seem to approve. I have not tested this course, so if you do, please give me feedback.


[Might be gone, or restricted] Permitools – this wiki collects articles and information on many topics some of them go way beyond permaculture in the strict sense. A great resource for anything from Beekeeping to Mushrooms to Urban Permaculture. Dig in.

[This youtube channel seems to be down] Permaculture Science – a youtube channel dedicated to all things permaculture, grouping the videos in various topics from Sepp Holzer to Permaculture How-Tos to Masanobu Fukuoka. Hours worth of video.

[Not sure if this is still happening] Permaculture Media Blog – the claim: “The best free sustainable living & educational media on the web. Over 2000 videos, eBooks, podcasts and documentaries”. Many book reviews, videos, some free downloads, a whole permaculture course hours and hours of video. Most of the really interesting books however are just embedded as google previews, which you can’t download. But such is our situation with copyrights etc. You can always preview a book here and you’ll know where to search the free ebooks, or dontchu?

Index of /Permaculture – many of the permaculture classic books available to download on .pdf.

green-shopping – they sell books and tools as well, but here are also a few free books to download as .PDF or ebook. (page did not load today, please tell me if this persists)


cd3wd – 26 GB or 8 x DVD set of texts on anything from agriculture and self sustenance aimed at developing countries. All files are available for download as a torrent.

Plants for a Future – a huge database of plants listing their various functions and uses. Fantastic. (thx, Helder)

Rogers Mushrooms – and the same thing for shrooms. (thx Helder)

Edible Wild Food – useful information on many common edible weeds and plants. Foraging.


seed matters – practical information on how to start your community seed bank, check their community seed toolkit.

Basic Seed Saving – “Find links to specific seed saving instructions for 27 common vegetables.”


Companion Planting Guide – just what it says on the tin .PDF

SunCalc – shows the current sun movement at any location.

Other Books

Holistic Agriculture Library – “Resource of rare books… many of them out of print … eg. Yeomans keyline design etc.” (thx Andrej)

[img via Permitools]

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