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arrow a computer code that reads like someone’s post-traumatic self-therapeutic purching-session and renders like the oedipus-saga.
how poetic!
on jealousToDeath jocasta
— my husband had sex with my daughter – son of a bitch!
print(myName && “is scared to death by her husbands shameful action”)
from CODeDOC II: annja krautgasser & rainer mandl
read the complete code here
run the application here
arrow in construction industry machines exist that “print” concrete walls according to a computers instructions. the windows, doors and all the wires and installations are laid out in a frame and then the concrete gets sort of plotted over it. the proces looks like an over-dimensional inkjet-printer.
[oliver fritz/architect/tangible code]
arrow hah. i scored a [hand-burned] DIVE cd-rom. it reads: “an introduction to free software and free networks. a complete documentation of the online project kingdom of piracy.” kop is now hosted by fact in liverpool.
the book/cd-rom looks brilliant, contains texts by saul albert, lawrence chua, armin medosch and more, but is also a bootable GNU/linux distribution. now that’s what we call free software truely brought home to your computer.
arrow today is karl lagerfeld’s birthday. seen on german breakfast tellie:
moderator: mr. lagerfeld, how do get out of bed in the morning?
lagerfeld: very good, i don’t have a problem with it. i lay down for a few hours during the night and then i just get up. could be i am a computer. maybe i am virtual.

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