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TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Doc Official Trailer – Trailer for the upcoming documentary TPB AFK about the founders of the filesharing site the Pirate Bay.

No One by Alistair The Optimist – “Be an incurable optimist and do something optimistic today.”

Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner – “Judge Jury and Executioner is taken from, Amok, which will be released by XL Recordings on February 25 / 26 (US) 2013.”

Idle No More – “Idle No More” is a worldwide indigenous movement started by the First Nation Tribes of Canada as a way to help protect the Constitutional Treaty Rights of the Indian Act.”

ULRICH SCHNAUSS ‘A LONG WAY TO FALL’ – “Video directed by visual artist Nat Urazmetova at Hidden Shine.”

Compressorhead Ace of Spades – “A sneak preview of Compressorhead during band practise at the Robocross head quarters in Berlin WWW.ROBOCROSS.DE”


A Global Indigenous Uprising – “#Idlenomore is much more than all that, it is a major movement aimed at mending historical and ongoing injustices that Canadian society at large has lost sight of (if not obfuscated).”

Which Premier League teams are the most popular in each area? A Twitter interactive map – “Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute have created an interactive map of geotagged Tweets on Twitter which mention Premier League teams or their associated hashtags. The number of fans per district is normalized by the total ‘population’ of Twitter users based on a 0.25% random sample of all tweets within the UK.”

Ai, W.; Warsh, L., ed.: Weiwei-isms. – “Expressing oneself is like a drug. I’m so addicted to it.”

Karen Greenberg, How Zero Dark Thirty Brought Back the Bush Administration – “The sad fact is that Zero Dark Thirty could have been written by the tight circle of national security advisors who counseled President George W. Bush to create the post-9/11 policies that led to Guantanamo, the global network of borrowed “black sites” that added up to an offshore universe of injustice, and the grim torture practices — euphemistically known as “enhanced interrogation techniques” — that went with them.”

Coldcut meets The Orb Part 1 – “Coldcut meets The Orb inna Uptown Youth House for the Return Trip. Matt Black and Jonathan More alongside studio accomplice Dor Wand got suitably enhanced with Dr LX Paterson and Youth for a multi-player late night jam session lasting over 3 hours. They then entrusted the multitracks of the set to DJ Food who heroically edited, condensed and massaged the sprawling swamp of sound into a tight – but also loose – 2 hour Solid Steel session.”

Coldcut meets The Orb Part 2 – see above

Eric Schmidt looking at things – he does this well.

Interview with David Toop – “To explore sound’s intangibility and mystery, Toop wanders through a bewildering array of references from fiction, myth, painting, and architecture, allowing him to approach sound in oblique and unexpected ways. ” not new but still good

Every national anthem at once – “This monster was created by taking recordings of every national anthem in the world and playing them beside each other, so that they all end together (or, to be more exact, so that they all end with their final crescendoes occurring simultaneously, in one giant mega-crescendo).”

88 madness – an #8bit homage to Kill Bill. built with @processingjs – 8bit game inspired by Kill Bill and just as bloody as the movie

Oscar Screener Piracy 2003-2013 – the 2013 spreadsheet is out

SOUNDSCI – “LYRICAL BEATDOWN” (mp3) FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!! – “Here to remind you why you fell in love with hiphop.”

We Never Look Up – “The world has gone mobile. We live in an information society and are connected to information anywhere we go, and whatever we do, 24/7. And that has changed how we as people behave. We never look up anymore.”

Tip Sheet: Tea – “Different types of tea should be brewed at different temperatures for different lengths of time. Opinions vary, but here’s some help to get you started”

BBC Radio 4 – Thinking Allowed, Intoxication – “Laurie Taylor explores the role and meaning of both alcohol and drugs in human life.”

IMF economists apologize for austerity forecasts – “While Congress debates the details of an austerity consensus, Europe is staring at the wreckage of harsh austerity packages that have brought countries like Greece to their knees.”

The Messi Matrix 2012 – all his stats for 2012 in a pretty nice visualization

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