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#best of the week

ATOMS FOR PEACE AMOK – woops, the album got out early.

#watch and

Harlem Shake (The Daily Show ditch remix) – oh noes.

Goats Yelling Like Humans – Super Cut Compilation – hilarious

MULTiPAD – "Eclectic Method’s latest video is battery dependent many iPadded jam on virtual instruments and video apps called MULT i PAD"

Adeline hears Bad Brains for the first time. – Yup, Bad Brains tend to have this effect.

Corner Convenience – "Rough cut of the corner convenience movie created in 36 hours"


The Pirate Bay: We will sue copycat site for copyright infringement – "We are outraged by this behavior,” an anonymous Pirate Bay spokesman told TorrentFreak. “People must understand what is right and wrong. Stealing material like this on the Internet is a threat to economies worldwide. We feel that we must make a statement and therefore we will sue them for copyright infringement." I smell irony, I hope.

The sealed bottle garden still thriving after 40 years without fresh air or water – "The hardy spiderworts plant inside has grown to fill the 10-gallon container by surviving entirely on recycled air, nutrients and water"

FADER Explains: Harlem Shake – "This month, piggybacking onto an idea hatched by a weirdo video blogger, thousands of people uploaded clips of themselves dancing along with “Harlem Shake.”"

Fish are becoming easier to catch ‘because traces of anti-depressants are getting into water supply and making them more relaxed’ – "Sedatives are getting into the waterways through sewage, study claims. It makes the fish ‘bolder’ and causes them to eat more quickly. Effects could harm delicate marine eco-systems" two daily mail articles in one week, shame on me.

10.000 yellow helmets at milan’s stock exchange – "for italian workers in the construction industry, crippled by the recession, yesterday was ‘la giornata della collera’ – ‘the day of anger’. in front of the milan stock exchange workers, laborers, clerks, surveyors, architects and real estate agents brought attention to a sector that in the past five years, according to data from the center for economic research and market sociology, has lost 157 million companies as well as 893 million employees."

A vision of the urban building of the future – "Prefabricated and modular systems are moved and assembled by robots that work seamlessly together to install, detect, repair and upgrade components of the building system."

JR’s first mural in tokyo, japan – "JR presents his first solo museum exhibition opened in tokyo, japan, at the watari museum of contemporary art until the the 2nd of june, 2013. JR will be showing work from his famed ‘inside out project’"

Segmented sleep – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – "dorveille" the period of wakefulness between two sleep phases. I would love to sleep in this pattern, my body wants me to, but the modern world won’t let me.

I Am Peter Sunde, co-founder of TPB, AMA – "TPB as in The Pirate Bay, not Trailer Park Boys. Really sorry. I’d prefer being from that TPB."

TPB AFK – My Review – "It’s not really TPB AFK, it’s TPB – The boring trials." Peter Sunde reviews the documentary.


Orang-Utan Bagus (10) erhält Antidepressiva – "Der Zoo Basel hat einen Orang-Utan mit pflanzlichen Antidepressiva behandelt, weil er sich zurückzog und kaum Nahrung zu sich nahm. Die Therapie wirkte und könnte Schule machen." St. John’s Wort!

Ausgeliefert! Leiharbeiter bei Amazon – "Die Reportage deckt auf, was sich hinter der Fassade von verbirgt und wer dafür zahlt, dass die schöne neue Warenwelt des Internethändlers so billig zu haben ist." – "Der Schweizer Breitband-Atlas gibt Auskunft über die Internet-Abdeckung Ihres Wohnortes, ja, selbst Ihres Quartiers."

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