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RIOT – "We’re a very small team set-up in Italy trying to complete a detailed and polished simulator based on the actions of real riots happening around the world"

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Lessig on “Aaron’s Laws – Law and Justice in a Digital Age” – "Lawrence Lessig marked his appointment as Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School with a lecture titled "Aaron’s Laws: Law and Justice in a Digital Age." The lecture honored the memory and work of Aaron Swartz, the programmer and activist who took his own life on Jan. 11, 2013 at the age of 26."

Lego Dance by Annette Jung – "Michael is doing the Lego dance."

Japanese Condom Ice Cream ゴムアイス…?? – "This was meant to be a proper food review, unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way"

Wasa – "A remake of What’s up"

HIM INDOORS – "An agoraphobic serial killer, on the verge of eviction, finds an impromptu visit from his nosy neighbor, potentially disastrous as he plans to remain indoors"

j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables – Massive Attack: Teardrop


Has Banksy been arrested by London cops? – "Rumours are circulating that British activist and street artist Banksy has been arrested. Fortunately, they seem to be false."

Traktor DJ for iPad – Hmm, now that would almost be a reason to buy a new iPad … but of course I won’t.

Jeremy Hammond on Aaron Swartz and the Criminalization of Digital Dissent. – "Aaron’s efforts to liberate the internet, including free distribution of JSTOR academic essays, access to public court records on PACER, stopping the passage of SOPA/PIPA, and developing the Creative Commons, make him a hero, not a criminal. It is not the “crimes” Aaron may have committed that made him a target of federal prosecution, but his ideas – elaborated in his “Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto” – that the government has found so dangerous."

The Utilitarian and the Devil: A Parable for the Dead – "One day, the Utilitarian got out some candles, noxious herbs, bread, sour wine, and some blood, took off his clothes, and summoned the Devil. The Devil appeared in the the palpable dark punctually, just as the last incanted word left the Utilitarian’s lips."

The End of Plastic – "One of my side projects is looking at a type of plastic made by the Colletes family of bees. Unlike honeybees, these bees are solitary. Every spring, the female bees dig underground nests in which they’ll lay the eggs. They consist of several tunnels that dead-end into nest cells, each about the size and shape of the last joint of your little finger. The bee lines the nest with a material that looks for all the world like cellophane; then she provisions the nest with a mixture of pollen and nectar, lays an egg, and seals it off." – Is Justice Just Ice? – "if you choose to see this resource as a benefit and a service rather than as an attempt to defraud and infringe, and if you feel this situation is unfair… please help me by sending an email to the attorneys and the photographer Charlyn, Leslie, and Carolyn – asking them to drop the lawsuit. "

YOU HAD ONE JOB! – blog that should make everyone feel better about their own fail.

shipping container greenhouse – urban farm unit by damien chivialle – "damien chivialle has created an open-source model in the form of ‘urban farm units’ (UFU), which seek to supply urbanites with organic provisions, while minimizing their transport in response to these factors."

Deep Inside – A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars – "For the first time, a massive data set of 10,000 porn stars has been extracted from the world’s largest database of adult films and performers. "


Endlich frei – Der BR setzt bei der Space Night auf CC-Musik – "Der Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) hat sich dazu entschlossen, die bei den Fans sehr beliebte Kultsendung Space Night komplett mit unter Creative Commons-lizenzierter Musik (CC-Musik) zu produzieren"

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