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UK government’s opposition to regulation is putting bees at risk – “By failing to back EU proposals for a ban on pesticides, lawmakers have prioritised commercial interests over ecological wellbeing”

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The Rise of Webcomics – "Sometimes funny, sometimes personal, and almost always weird, web comic creators have taken the comic strip form to new, mature, and artistic heights."

Domino Sugar Lust – "Adventures inside Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory and the ensuing search for a soul mate"


What If the Entire World Lived in 1 City? – "It’s impossible to look at the city as a kind of discrete entity any more given the way financial networks, ecological networks, social networks work. These systems have much larger footprints than the actual physical or political boundaries of cities."

China’s disposable chopstick addiction is destroying its forests – "China uses 20 million trees each year to feed the country’s disposable chopstick habit"

Avaaz condemns Britain, Germany decision to keep killing bees, considers legal review – "Today Germany and Britain have caved in to the industry lobby and refused to ban bee-killing pesticides. Today’s vote flies in the face of science and public opinion and maintains the disastrous chemical Armageddon on bees, which are critical for the future of our food. The 2.5 million people who have signed the Avaaz petition to protect bees will keep fighting the battle for their survival."

▶ Adam Freeland Vox mix in Lana Del Rey : Summertime Sadness – Deconstructed Lana sounds acceptable

Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic – "The below interactive infographic shows the top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a 6 month period."

The Rules Aren’t Broken, They’re FIXED: Time to Rewrite Them – "Half the world lives on less than $2 a day 30,000 children die every single day due to poverty 2 billion people have no access to electricity 20% of people in the highest-income countries consume 86% of the world’s resources. The poorest 20% account for a minuscule 1.3%"

Toy Stories | gabriele galimberti – "Everyone remembers their childhood toys. The fact that I can recall how most of mine tasted better than I can remember the names of my primary school teachers says everything you need to know about the universe kids inhabit."

The “Amen Break”: The Most Famous 6-Second Drum Loop & How It Spawned a Sampling Revolution – "has been used as the rhythmic backdrop in everything from late 80s gangster rap to corporate America’s recycling hip-hop forms to sell things like Jeeps and blue jeans to suburban America."

What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM – “Adding DRM to the HTML standard will have far-reaching effects that are incompatible with the W3C’s most important policies, and with Berners-Lee’s deeply held principles.”

Finally: hear Bradley Manning in his own voice – "A full audio recording of the whistleblower is released today despite a court prohibition on such recordings"

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Atoms For Peace – “Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich of Atoms For Peace take over Radio 1’s Essential Mix.”

Grizzly Bear & Brian Eno / Split 12” of Nicolas Jaar remixes for Record Store Day – “Brian Eno and Grizzly Bear will release a limited edition 12” for Record Store Day, featuring Nicolas Jaar remixes from their landmark 2012 albums ‘LUX’ and ‘Shields’.”

LovePalz, The Real-Time Virtual Sex Toy For Long-Distance Couples, Will Launch On March 29 – "Lovers can control their LovePalz devices during a cybersex session by using the LovePalz Web site, which also has a mobile version. A spokeswoman told me that the company is still working on launching a LovePalz iOS app"

Living With Less. A Lot Less. – "I have come a long way from the life I had in the late ’90s, when, flush with cash from an Internet start-up sale, I had a giant house crammed with stuff — electronics and cars and appliances and gadgets. Somehow this stuff ended up running my life, or a lot of it; the things I consumed ended up consuming me."

Russell Brand: My life without drugs – "I cannot accurately convey to you the efficiency of heroin in neutralising pain. It transforms a tight, white fist into a gentle, brown wave."

Larissa MacFarquhar: The Tragedy of Aaron Swartz – "There is a moment, immediately before life becomes no longer worth living, when the world appears to slow down and all its myriad details suddenly become brightly, achingly apparent."


Das stille Ende von «Occupy Bern» – "Die Revolution findet also jetzt im Garten statt."

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