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Free Access To Dozens of Anonymous VPNs Via New University Project – "As citizens around the world endure Internet censorship of all types, a Japanese university has stepped in to level the playing field. Whether you’re in Iran or China and blocked from YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, or in the UK desperate to get back on The Pirate Bay, KAT or H33T, a new tool from researchers gives instant access to dozens of VPN services. Not only is the system simple to use, but it’s also completely free."

#watch and

Unlucky Little Man – "Will You Be My Friend?" Did you guess the answer?

PAINTWORK – A brief glimpse of our augmented reality future – "Set in near-future Bristol – the British city known internationally for spawning Banksy – it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an all-too familiar advertising billboard into a work of high tech street art, and poses questions about the relationships between technology, advertising and the control of public spaces."

Paint Your Teeth – An Introduction to the Tokyo Underground – "PAINT YOUR TEETH is a live event that celebrates the shocking & bizarre underground art scene in Tokyo."

VineTune – vine #hashtags pulled to create a music video, chrome or safari

Providence — a short film featuring Bradley Manning’s voice – "Leaked audio recording of Bradley Manning describing his response to the July 12, 2007 Baghdad Apache airstrike video that documented the killing of two Reuters journalists."

The Fuck-it Point – "[THE FUCK-IT POINT] When you have had enough. When you decide to take matter into your own hands and don’t care what’s going to happen to you. When you know that from now on you will resist with whatever tactic you think is most effective.’"


Bees May Use Electricity to Communicate – "The electric fields that build up on honey bees as they fly, flutter their wings, or rub body parts together may allow the insects to talk to each other, a new study suggests. Tests show that the electric fields, which can be quite strong, deflect the bees’ antennae, which, in turn, provide signals to the brain through specialized organs at their bases."

We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison – "Everyone, especially journalists, should be interested in this. They should know more about it."

Is Burma’s Anti-Muslim Violence Led by “Buddhist Neo-Nazis”? – "According to Dr. Muang Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist and research fellow at the London School of Economics, much of the blame for the current situation in Burma can be laid at the feet of the 969 group, which he describes as an neo-Nazi organization of hatemongers who are using Hitlerian tactics to “purify” the country by getting rid of the Muslims—it’s also, he says, one of the fastest-growing movements in the country."

“I’m turned on by melancholy”: DJ Koze talks Amygdala, Jennifer Lawrence and the virtues of goats – "I get the feeling that urban spaces don’t make me happy. Though I’m not sure if I could live permanently in a village. But nature, anything that is rural, a life far off from any hipster streams makes me much happier."

#Goldman Sachs has 73 offices worldwide… – "#GOLDMAN is an indefinite real-time, live-action game to have some fun while shutting down each of these locations. Points will be awarded for speed, spectacle, courage, and innovation."

How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law – "A provison that protects the biotech giant from litigation passed Congress without many members knowing about it"

JR for iPad – "This iPad exclusive app allows you to explore all of JR’s projects all over the world, with beautiful Retina-optimized photos, videos, and interactive features."

frenZINE issue #22 – NO signal – A beautiful new online magazine by my talented wife.

Should you challenge a noisy neighbour? – Reading through some of the comments left me depressed, there is no hope. The loud, annoying people always win.

Sigmund Freud Typeface – A Letter to your Shrink. by Harald Geisler and R. Keller – "’A Letter to your shrink’ is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud’s handwritten letters."

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004 – Some people argue that it’s cynical to create a pretty graphic to visualizethe US drone strike in Pakistan, but I have to say my emotional reaction to this has been anything but cynical.

30 Quadcopters Flew for Paramount’s “Star Trek – Into Darkness” – "Following its world premiere at the Linz Klangwolke in September 2012, the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s computer-controlled swarm of four-rotor mini-whirlybirds—so-called quadcopters—took to the air again on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in a role and setting no less spectacular than the exciting technology itself: as high-tech heralds of Paramount’s “Star Trek – Into Darkness”"

How I became a password cracker – "Cracking passwords is officially a "script kiddie" activity now."

Why I left Google – "The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus."

“Free Pussy Riot” lingerie campaign: Appropriate, or appropriation? – "Which is what makes this video by Blush lingerie an intriguing conundrum. While it legitimately promotes the fundraising site to help the women, it is also promoting a product using a woman’s sexuality as the bait"

The Multi-Faith Blasphemy Generator – "in this multicultural society in which we live, we should be careful to ensure we embrace multi-faith blaspheming rather than simply blaspheming in the faith relevant to our particular cultural heritage. I have therefore created the multi-faith blasphemer"

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense – "In my gross over simplification the vast majority of the multitude of evidenced-free beliefs at large in the world can be crudely classified into four basic sets or bollocks. Namely, Religion, Quackery, Pseudoscience and the Paranormal."


Stadt-Tomaten – Freie Tomaten für alle

Sind Si eigentlich vom äh Aff bisse – Mörgeli schlägt zurück – als Ringtone. Mörgeli slashing back – the ringtone!

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