neighborhood vigilante

a friend of mine has recently moved into a house right across the street from our house. from his balcony he can see straight into our bedroom and kitchen. and on that balcony he smokes his cigarettes.
tricky situation!
of course i am glad for him that he found a beautiful appartment.
yet at the same time, it feels strange. he has turned into this looming presence in my space. i can’t even say i feel observed by him, because of course he is not always out there watching – at least now in winter he is not – but it is somehow enough to know, that he always could be…
i used to walk into the kitchen naked to grab some juice from the fridge; feels too weird now.
i used to cook while dancing around the kitchen; not without the occasional glance to his balcony anymore.
the bedroom is less problematic, except that we only ever raise one of the two blinders anymore.
whatchumma say?
somebody else had lived in that same appartement before and had had the same clear view, but somehow, since we did not know her, this was no bother at all. why is it that now, that we know the person, it feels so invasive ?

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