arrrrr! it’s talk like a pirate day

september 19th 2003

as the world is getting ready for international talk like a pirate day (check out, arf arf, september 19th 2003, matey… here is what we found out:
these are the two guys who came up with this idea, and here they sell talk like a pirate lunchboxes! yup
dave berry is the one who made this event popular by talking about it in his often funny as hell column. (be careful not to leave his website though or else he will kill a defenseless toilet! oh, and while you’re there please check out his arguments why he should be the next president of the united states…)
if you – like me – speak better gangster than pirate you must visit this gangster2pirate translation website!
and finally this guy has built a neat lil website with links and all kinds of info on how to actually talk like a pirate, oh blimey… makes you wanna walk the plank, innit?
actually i think i would rather like to declare tomorrow fuck like a pirate day, wanna?
yer blog cap’n wonders – not unlike the maker of the following photoshoppery – if he got the wrong idea

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