an ode to ……… ???

the sunday riddle:
what in the world might tom robbins be praising – over almost 2 full pages, mind you – in his latest novel villa incognita [< ---- i likeeee!!!]???
find out and win a jar!
” all carolina folk are crazy for ………, ……… is as ambrosia to them, the food of their tarheeled gods. ……… comforts them, causes the vowels to slide more musically along their slow tongues, appeasing their grease-conditioned taste buds to a plane higher than lard could ever hope to fly. yellow as summer sunlight, soft as young thighs, smooth as a baptist preacher’s rant, falsely innocent a a magician’s handkerchief, […] rare a the rations that fail to become instantly more scintillating from contact with this intimate seductress, this goopy glory-monger, this alchemist in a jar.”
need a hint?
starts with an M
“……… is france’s gift to the new world palate, a boon that combines humanity’s ancient instinctive craving for the cellular warmth of pure fat with modern, romantic fondness for complex flavors. ……… may appear mild and prosaic, but behind its creamy veil it fairly seethes with tangy disposition.”

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