slowing things down …

… to make the pleasure last longer …
have you ever started to read a book slower, sort of portioning your reading into smaller sessions, in order to make it last longer???
have you?
i do it all the time, well, at least when i read a great book. like right now …
which one? lookee over there —>
buté have you ever done this with a magazine, or watching a movie on dvd, or checking out a website???
have you?
i have never done that! so i only do this with a good book and, rarely, with an extraordinary meal.
sort of interesting, innit?
what does it mean? i don’t have a flicking clue.
well, i found another area where i do the slowing-down-to-make-the-pleasure-last-longer-thingy: computergames.
if the game is really cool i will be equally obsessed to continue playing as i am wanting it to last las long as possible. so i’ll start to negotiate with myself how much i am allowed to play at one time…
there would only be one solution: some books/games should just bloody last forever!

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