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Record Store Day 2013 – it’s today!

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The Cleaner | A true story – “Don’t try this at home. Try this on the street."

Brent and Johnson – Equality Street [Official Music Video] – oh so wrong, but pretty good. Be warned though, I had this funny, yet stupid song stuck in my head all week.

Andy Baio – "Cut, copy, paste. The ability to reuse and remix is so deeply baked into our tools, it’s rewritten our culture. We learn to make great art by copying, and we participate in our culture by reusing and modifying what we see. But the law hasn’t caught up with our changing values, effectively criminalizing the creativity of millions. Cover songs on YouTube, fanfic, mashups, and supercuts all violate copyright, and lawyers are starting to find new tools to discover and enforce infringement. Welcome to the new Prohibition."

Punk Taser – Crustypunk tasing himself to get high, sniffing glue was peanuts against this.


The Death of – "So, Yahoo’s finally decided to close, the events community I started nearly ten years ago. And, in Yahoo’s typical fuck-off-and-die style, they’re doing it with 11 days notice, no on-site announcement, and no way to back up past events."

The Apology the New York Post Should Have Issued – "How did that apology letter get into your New York Post today? Watch the video above."

Active Hope – How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy – much needed inspiration

Garmoshka – web app lets you play harmonica by stretching and contracting the browser window.

Fair Use Fearmongering, from Friends? – In reaction to Andy Baios talk (see video above) "He warns fellow remixers everywhere, “fair use will not save you,” and “nothing you have ever made is fair use.” Whoa. Neither of these statements is true."

Reddit Wants the Boston Bomber’s Blood – interview with the reddit mod who conducted r/findthebombers.

Notes on Tax Evaders | Molleindustria – "I’ve been asked to design and develop a small game for a Space Invaders-themed campaign against corporate tax evasion. The result is Tax Evaders, an iteration of the original arcade classic with excellent Amiga-era pixel art by James Biddulph and sound design by Ashton Morris."

A Sophisticated Cat Todo List – sophisticated cat helps to make your to-do-lists.

The Boston bombing produces familiar and revealing reactions | Glenn Greenwald – "The widespread compassion for yesterday’s victims and the intense anger over the attacks was obviously authentic and thus good to witness. But it was really hard not to find oneself wishing that just a fraction of that compassion and anger be devoted to attacks that the US perpetrates rather than suffers. These are exactly the kinds of horrific, civilian-slaughtering attacks that the US has been bringing to countries in the Muslim world over and over and over again for the last decade, with very little attention paid."

What we talk about when we talk about Margaret Thatcher – "The left have been painted as tasteless, heartless people trying to make political capital out of Thatcher’s death. Only the government is allowed to do that, says Laurie Penny."

Hacker ‘Weev’ Sends SoundCloud Message From Prison – "There is nothing malicious or illegal done here, we are simply providing a public service for someone who has had their rights to free speech stripped from them,"

Kowloon Walled City: Life in the City of Darkness – "It’s 20 years since demolition of Kowloon Walled City began, but former residents hold fond memories of the overcrowded slum they called home"

12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country – "Obama is the Antichrist 13 percent 40,808,825"

Hunger Striking at Guantánamo Bay – "I’ve been on a hunger strike since Feb. 10 and have lost well over 30 pounds. I will not eat until they restore my dignity."

Anarchopanda Speaks! – "Have you been able to succeed in hugging any cops? Oh yes, definitely. I’ve hugged around ten since the beginning. Unfortunately I have never succeeded in hugging riot police. They’re different; they behave differently when they have the suit on. But I have hugged some cops, and often in very difficult and tense situations, so I’m proud of that."

Blowing up Morozov’s “To Save Everything, Click Here” – ""There is no such thing as the Internet" is the 21st century version of Maggie Thatcher’s "There is no such thing as society" — a dangerous, reductionist self-fulfilling prophecy."

Crustypunks – Photos and Portraits of down and out crusty punks living in and around Tompkins Square Park in NYC.

No Drones Network – "A coalition of peace and justice groups — the Network to Stop Drone Surveillance and Warfare (NSDSW) — has made a call for national protests against drones in April, 2013. The "April Days" include events in dozens of cities nationwide, as well as a range of ways for people to participate wherever they are."

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