dreams do come true – but then they vanish fast …

i had a dream job!
and i am still trying to recover from it….
the stress really got outta hand towards the end.
so i am also glad it ended.
but this was it!
this was the kind of job i want – the kind of job i am good at.
and now that its over, its just as exiting to have found it,
as it is scary to maybe never again find such a situation.


i was working for cyberhelvetia.ch
the internet-community was closed down after 20 months, various reasons…
20 months is a long time in internet time, in this dense, multithreaded, bottom-up reality.
i was communicating intensly, happily, wildly, multitaskingly, flirtingly, seriously
– younameitly !

now there is this space, this time opening.
now what?

so now i built a blog.
here it is.
is anyone reading ?
(well obviously you are, if you are reading this now…
but letz not get into semantics just yet 😉 ) ;-j
when the shit hits the van

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