digital acceleration

i love the internet. i really do.
but let me just take one step back, and after a deep breathe, i also think it is mad.
the internet has brought such an mad sense of acceleration into my life, sometimes it makes me feel dizzy.
the glorious digital lifestyle, with all it’s brilliant machines and gadgets, that are supposed to save us time… well, in fact i have never been so busy trying to keep it all up to code and insync.
i don’t have a money-job, but i am constantly stressed out. full capacity. there is always another blog to update, another graphic to create, another internet-search to finish up, another website to keep track of.

the internet has turned into a full-time job here.
the pay is shite though …

pheew. so here i am, blogging here, fotologging there, mobloging thataway, ing over yonder, then dailychecking all these other blogs and newsportals plus reading all those fantastic newsletters plus updating all the rest of my websites [uhm not quite often enough even], and at the end of the day i always wonder: where has my time gone.

and in fact there are all these other great internet-communities, that i would love to participate in, but i do not find the time for it. ilx, saul william’s forum, db-db, friendster, to name just a few. or take a website like, where you could spend hours just looking/reading through it all having a laugh…

the internet as a medium is really starting to understand what works well in it. there are all these fantastic and way deep websites out there. when you find them, you click through them for a few minutes, are exited about them, bookmark them for a later visit, or even blog about them; but you already know, you’ll never come back.

it’s mad.

i will have decelerate fast, and where are the damn brakes on this thing, in oder to re-focus all this somehow.
like, okay there is all this great stuff out there, but only so much time in a day.
i can’t do it all.. sniffie..

it’s still great though.
we love the internet!

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