pathetic yet fun

the internet has grown too big … make it slow down please … somebody …

there are so many great websites out there, that you will find them more and more, let’s call them online ghost towns.
online ghost towns are websites that fulfill most standards of a good website. they
– look good
– have a great idea behind it
– function perfectly, at least onna technical level they are totally on point
– even their design might be excellent,
but nobody visits them regularly or even uses their interactive possibilities, their guest-books remain empty, their shout-boxes ignored, the content in their blogs and bulletin boards is not read nor commented.
online ghost towns just sit there, looking good, collecting the digital equivalent to dust – what would that be? electro smog? ping clouds?
they’ll just sit there and enthusiastically greet the search-engine bots, that are – at least they never quit – passing by occasionally.

well, a few months ago i realised, that all my websites fit this description. i am one of these pathetic authors, who manage to create good quality websites, but fail to attract the users.
is it because i am lacking the necessary cool and sarcasm to make it all hip?
is it because i am old school and still think in the old “good content will attract users” paradigm?

and after such a realisation even more importantly one might ask: why continue?

well, i love the internet! i really really do.
for instance: yesterday i was trying to decide, which one was my favorite website of the week. the one with the sheep counting or the one with the japanese toy automatic wanking hand [both found in the latest newsletter]. so here i was listening to this sheep counting up to 40 over and over again in the background, while at the same time i was chatting via IM with this fellow rant-blogger from england, who i have quite liked to read for awhile and who i finally contacted [and yes! she is extremly funny and sharp!] and so we were trying to decide, if it was the sheep, that was a bit thick and therefore could only count till 40 or if sheep-school was to blame, because they only taught sheep to count up to that number.
i mean …

then blogging is so therapeutic. saves going to psychotherapy. think of all the money i save!
something pisses me off? just blog it. put it out there! it feels great.
something is really cool and inspiring? just blog it. release the praise.
and sometimes the addressed will even read it, like recently, when i blogged about someone and had an email from him in my inbox a few days later …

this is where i collect and express my thoughts and emotions, my links and images, my inspirations and irritations…
it’s out there. it’s real. hello world.

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