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Mark Blyth: Austerity – The History of a Dangerous Idea – "Governments today in both Europe and the United States have succeeded in casting government spending as reckless wastefulness that has made the economy worse. In contrast, they have advanced a policy of draconian budget cuts–austerity–to solve the financial crisis. We are told that we have all lived beyond our means and now need to tighten our belts. This view conveniently forgets where all that debt came from. Not from an orgy of government spending, but as the direct result of bailing out, recapitalizing, and adding liquidity to the broken banking system." watch and learn. wait, that comes after. but watch your jaw drop.

#watch and

The Art of Punk – Black Flag – Art + Music – "On the first episode of "The Art of Punk" we dissect the art of the legendary Black Flag. From the iconic four bars symbols, to the many coveted and collected gig flyers, singles, and band t-shirts, all depicting the distinctive Indian ink drawn image and text by artist Raymond Pettibon."

SOFLES — INFINITE. – Shot/ Cut: Selina Miles.

Tricky – ‘Somebody’s Sins’ feat. Francesca Belmonte – "Taken from new album ‘False Idols’ (released on False Idols in association with !K7 Records) ‘Somebody’s Sins’ features the vocals of Francesca Belmonte."

Reggie Watts — One Take: Episode 2 – "Reggie Watts is back with another episode of "One Take", featuring live looping and beatboxing the way only Reggie can."


The Beastles : Ill Submarine – yup, it’s out. DJ BC done did it again.

A Guardian guide to metadata – "explore some of the data collected through activities you do every day"

Boards of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest, reviewed. – "New electronic music that’s nostalgic for the sounds of the VHS era."

A Practical Guide to Squatting – "An illustrated guide on how-to squat a vacant building and the tactical problems one might encounter. Promoting a friendly and productive squatting movement."

Istanbul Biennial Protests Foreshadowed Battle for Gezi Park – "The official opening of the 13th Istanbul Biennial is still three months away, but preliminary programming and performances have been spurring protests for over a month already. "

It’s Time to Rewrite the Internet to Give Us Better Privacy, and Security – "It’s not too late to restore confidence, writes “digital Cassandra” Lawrence Lessig, but we need to start by asking the right questions."

Kraftwerk’s Ralf Hütter: ‘Now we can concentrate on album number nine’ – "So the long-awaited – and much discussed – new Kraftwerk album, the first in a decade, is definitely on its way? “Oh yes.” Is there a timeline? Hütter smiles broadly. “Of course. It’s music non stop!”" Fucking Ralf!

‘Tomorrow’s Harvest,’ by Boards of Canada – "Boards of Canada thrive on making themselves scarce." Yet we got ze interview. Yeah, sure, NYT rub it in.

Oil City, ‘a spy thriller for the post-Occupy era’ – "Oil City is a piece of site specific theatre by Platform that interweaves real ecological scandal and fiction to make you better understand the key role that the City of London plays in the operation of the global oil industry."

Tomorrow it’s the Twitter Q&A! – Rob Hopkins for the release of his new book "Just doing stuff" "Tomorrow (Friday), between 4 and 5pm BST, I will hosting a Twitter Q&A. So do join me, bring your questions, your thoughts, or perhaps you’re one of the people who pre-ordered your copy and may even have read it by then, and you might join us with some feedback and thoughts. We’ll be using the hashtag #doingstuff."

Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program – PRISM BREAK – "Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop reporting your online activities to the American government with these free alternatives to proprietary software."

Mark Roberts – street art – His work reminds me of Mark Jenkins, but this Mark has some very nice ideas.

What do Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Steubenville hacker have in common? – "Right now, a few brave souls are refusing to learn that lesson. The risks they are taking today will affect how states operate in the future, wherever we live; they will decide whether an information-rich society frees people to have more control over our lives or simply allows governments more control over people. What these hackers are writing isn’t just history – it’s the base code of future human relations, on the most intimate level."

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