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#best news this week – The Beautiful & Secure Messenger – "The Beautiful & Secure Messenger"

#watch and

We will rock you – baby version – "The rise of a star ;)"

Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus! – "Clark, the kitten I was fostering, stole the show."

Hooligan Gang Fight Narrated by David Attenborough – "Britain’s king of BBC Wildlife and Planet Earth voice overs, Sir David Attenborough, turns his focus to an organised brawl between two rival teams of European football thugs."


Edward Snowden’s statement on seeking asylum in Russia, as published by Wikileaks – "I ask for your assistance in requesting guarantees of safe passage from the relevant nations in securing my travel to Latin America, as well as requesting asylum in Russia until such time as these states accede to law and my legal travel is permitted."

Petition | Allow female professional cycling teams to race the Tour de France – "After a century, it is about time women are allowed to race the Tour de France, too."

UNPAINTED – "UNPAINTED is a new art fair that brings together the international art world with the scene of media art. UNPAINTED invites people to a new discourse about the traditional concept of the work." Yeah, but in Munich? Pff.

AirPi: London school kids build Raspberry Pi-powered pollution monitor – "Not only does the AirPi records temperature, humidity, air pressure and light levels, but also monitors for pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, both of which are primary pollutants in cities."

Desert Bus: The Worst Video Game Ever Created – "It is, without a doubt, the very worst video game I have ever played."

▶ Kanye West – Black Skinhead vs. Tame Impala – Elephant (#1 Mashup Metamix) – "Kanye West – Black Skinhead sounds eerily similar to Tame Impala – Elephant. This mashup makes both songs better!"

Judge Orders U.S. to Release Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service File – "A federal judge in Washington, D.C. on Friday ordered the government to promptly start releasing thousands of pages of Secret Service documents about the late activist and coder Aaron Swartz, following months of roadblocks and delays."

Mos Def undergoes force-feeding on camera in protest at Guantánamo Bay policy – "Mos Def has been filmed being brutally force-fed as part of a campaign against inhumane practices at Guantánamo Bay."

Immersion: a people-centric view of your email life – "a people-centric view of your email life using only your metadata"


«Wie heisst er, Köppel?» – "Der Mythos Tom Kummer lebt und Tom Kummer lebt vom Mythos Tom Kummer. […] Diese Marke, dieser Mythos ist nach wie vor stark und zieht verlässlich Aufmerksamkeit an. Seine Story heisst auch 2013 «Borderline», wie kokett, wie vorhersehbar, wie langweilig. Kommt auch noch mal etwas Neues?"

«Ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste» – "Aus heutiger Sicht liest sich das recht lustig, doch Bortolani, Köppel und Poschardt haben diese Interviews über viele Monate hinweg gedruckt und, natürlich, als Wahrheit verkauft. Wo waren die Zweifel dieser Herren, die der anderen Redaktoren, die der Leser? Warum wurde Kummer nie verklagt?"

Veganer Protest auf kleiner Flamme – “Auch einem Ehepaar schmeckt das Essen, am Veganismus stört die beiden allerdings der Luxusfaktor: «Auf Weltreise in Indonesien gab es Fledermauscurry oder nichts.»”

Autor im Gespräch: Tom Kummer – "Nichts, was der Reporter jetzt mit eigenen Augen sieht, ist deswegen schon real."

Studenten Verzichten auf Luxus, um die Welt zu retten – "Drei Studenten erzählen, wie sie ihr Leben downgegradet haben und auf Luxus verzichten, um die Welt zu retten."

Anfragen an Internetdienste: Datenpakete auf Reisen – "Die Visualisierung zeigt exemplarisch die Routen, die Datenpaketen bei der Nutzung beliebter Internetdienste wie Google oder Facebook nehmen – und welche Ländergrenzen dabei passiert werden."

#Snowden-Aktion an deutschen Flughäfen – "Eine Aktion der Piratenpartei Deutschland."

#guru andrew cohen repents

MY DINNER WITH ANDREW – "How does Cohen’s “teaching” stand up once its narcissistic roots have begun to show? Are they, as individuals, sufficiently charismatic to aspire to guruhood themselves, or are they merely residual spokespeople for a newly secularized spiritual ideology?"

An Apology – "I’ve been a teacher of spiritual enlightenment for twenty-seven years. Enlightenment has always been and always will be about transcending the ego. Over the last several years, some of my closest students have tried to make it apparent to me that in spite of the depth of my awakening, my ego is still alive and well."

ANDREW COHEN AND THE FALL OF THE MYTHIC GURU IN AN AGE OF PR-SPIN – "a recent “PR and Communications Plan” message, widely circulated to EnlightenNext students, leaves both the scope of future change in the organization and the depth of Andrew Cohen’s remorse over his abuse of students in the past unclear."

Stripping the Gurus—Sometimes I Feel Like a God – "when the baseline of such “noise” is subtracted from Cohen’s reported behaviors in the guru-disciple context, there is nothing at all left to be regarded as a “skillful means” of awakening others in that."

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