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The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation – “White: blue dots; African American: green dots; Asian: red; Latino: orange; all others: brown”

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Greenpeace protests at Shell refinery – “‘polar bears’ and activists gains access to Shell’s Fredericia Refinery in Denmark for – one of six Shell refineries in Europe”

Climate Name Change – “We propose a new naming system. One that names extreme storms caused by climate change, after the policy makers who deny climate change and obstruct climate policy.”

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost – ‘Get Lucky’ (Daft Punk Cover) – “Stars of new movie ‘The World’s End’, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joined Dave and Lisa on Capital Breakfast and performed a very special version of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.”

“What’s The Last Photo On Your Phone?” – “I went around San Francisco asking people to share the last photo on their phone. This video is the result.”

Phantom’s eye view of the Mission – ♥ SF ♥ Mission

Formula 1 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps: Greenpeace Protest, Not Shown on TV! (25-8-2013) – Greenpeace “protest against the main sponsor Shell for drilling for oil on the North-Pole. On television it wasn’t visible, but in this video you can see what really happened!”


So, What’s It Going To Be? – “If you don’t do anything about it, thousands of Syrians are going to die. If you do something about it, thousands of Syrians are going to die. Morally speaking, you’re on the hook for those deaths no matter how you look at it. So, it’s your move, America. What’s it going to be?”

CNN Tells Stories With Data, in Six-Second Vine Videos – “Can mobile technology enable us to create innovative data visualizations that are incredibly low-budget, to boot? Absolutely.”

International Teletext Art Festival ITAF2013 – “15.8.-15.9.2013 – in ARD Text from page 850, ORF TELETEXT from page 470 and SWISS TELETEXT pages 750-764 on SRF 1, RTS 1 and RSI 1”

Japan Is Opening Internet Fasting Camps Because 500,000 Students Are “Pathologically Addicted” – “Internet addiction is still a festering concern across the world, and Japan is taking it seriously. Between the fall and spring of last year, researchers at Nihon University surveyed the internet usage habits of nearly 100,000 students. Nearly 8,000 of them, or 8 percent, they discovered, were “pathologically addicted” to the internet. Out of that group, 23 percent had trouble sleeping, and 15 percent were prone to awaken suddenly in the night.”

Virginia Woolf’s Handwritten Suicide Note: A Painful and Poignant Farewell (1941) – “You have given me the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every way all that anyone could be. I don’t think two people could have been happier till this terrible disease came.”

scratches on blank vinyl become music in project bootleg – “project bootleg, an initiative by musician daniel freitag and manuel & max creative studio presents a new form of live recording. the creative team tapes blank vinyl records to the floor at various music concerts like die antwoord, gold panda, the roots, apparat and deadmau5. the thrashing and abuse from the audience throughout each show creates unique scratched and weathered grooves on its surface, which generate original sound bytes.”

New York Times, Twitter hacked as domain records altered – “The Times DNS records have been altered, and now point to an Australian hosting company, Melbourne IT. In addition, Twitter’s DNS records appear to also have been altered, although Twitter’s service does not seem to be affected for the time being.”

Just Delete Me – “A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.”


Impfen aus vegetarischer Sicht – “Die meisten Impfstoffe werden mit tierischen und menschlichen Substanzen hergestellt.”

Ernährung : Das millionenschwere Geschäft mit veganem Essen – “Vegane Produkte werden beliebter. Inzwischen gibt es sogar spezielle eier- und fleischlose Supermärkte. Deutschland hat im internationalen Vergleich noch riesigen Nachholbedarf. Ein dickes Geschäft.”

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