album of the month 10/03

peaches: fatherfucker
peaches: fatherfucker
the second peaches record rocks like a motherfucker … errr … that would be a fatherfucker, of course.
it’s always a rather nervous occasion when you listen to a second album of someone who’s first record you really loved.
but what a relief: peaches did brilliant.
fatherfucker is much more punk than the teaches of peaches was; of course wailing guuuitars starting the very first track and iggy pop on co-vocals always would work towards that end. yet musically the album somehow manages to keep that dirty, cheap, fast electro feel going. (the one we won’t call electo-pop no longer. why? just because…)
on lyrics peaches keeps things messy, over-sexualised and rather very naughty. just the way we love her!
“you make my panties go pink” – she wears panties? awwww whata bummer
“are you motherfuckers ready for the fatherfuckers” – sure bring it on
“i’m the kind of bitch that you wanna get with” – i agree, wanna?
now the peaches website is very saucy too: a selection of crotch shots is on offer and peaches shamelessly uses this platform to try and contact fans that she fancied when she saw them at her gigs while touring. [the night you met peaches].
then there is this relatively funky virtual typewriter thingy, that is trying a bit too hard to be cool. but is still funny. my favorite letter would be D.
“Ladies- are you with Peaches? Guys- are you with Peaches? Check out PEACHES’ virtual typewriter and pass this link around.” – so we did! see?

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