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The Clash: The Last Gang in Town from Fred Armisen, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Matt and Oz, Dan Klein, Jack Allison, Funny Or Die, and Caleb Swyers – When Ian Rubbish (Fred Armisen) interviews The Clash hilarity ensues.

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DJ FORMAT & PHILL MOST CHILL ~The Foremost – graffiti rapping, literally.

The Running of the Bulls – “For our latest mission, we staged an unannounced running of the bulls at the Venice Beach boardwalk with ridiculous, 7ft tall inflatable bull costumes. Runners dressed in white clothes and red bandanas appeared suddenly on the boardwalk, running for their lives from the giant bulls through crowds of unsuspecting Venice Beach locals.”


Street Photography V – street photography created in GTA V

FriendFlop | F.A.T. – “Refresh your tired timelines by randomly swapping your friends’ names and avatars! FriendFlop is a browser extension for Chrome that scrambles the identities on your Twitter or Facebook timelines, dissolving your biases and reminding you that everyone is saying the same shit anyway.”

RiYL podcast 021 (mini): Reggie Watts – “In this mini-episode, Comedy Bang Bang co-host Reggie Watts discusses not practicing, live experimentation and the most serious song he’s ever written.”

Xeni Jardin: standing up to breast cancer in public and in private – “Journalist Xeni Jardin has become known for her online candor on the topic of breast cancer. She talks about why sharing online can be both a life-saver and a crutch”

Building a Boat Out of New York City Trash – “Build a boat from New York City’s waste, take it to the source of the Hudson River – the river without which the city would not exist – and row the boat back to NYC.”

Aaron Swartz’s unfinished whistleblowing platform finally launches – “About nine months ago, the Internet lost one of its most beloved activists in Aaron Swartz. But starting today, his legacy lives on through the formal launch of a project called SecureDrop.”

Find out when your city will feel climate change – “A group of researchers from the University of Hawaii have crunched the numbers to find out when cities around the globe will have their climate changed by greenhouse gas emissions.”


Wem gehört Zürich? – “Am 26. Oktober 2013 geben ganz verschiedene Organisationen mit einer Demonstration ihre Antwort zur Frage „Wem gehört Zürich?“ So unterschiedlich wie die Antworten, so bunt stellen wir uns auch Zürich vor.”

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