top 5 records 2002 and then some

wooheeee end of the year : it’s list’s time!

>>> best records 2002:

1. boards of canada: geogaddi – warp warplp101
the masters of groovy ambient did it again. maybe the second boc lp is not as genius as music has the right to childern, but it’s still utterly mindblasting, amazing, unsettling music. this years re-release of their very eary material on two-ism confirms that we have here two true master-musicians, who just (luckily!) happen to make electronic music.

2. fingathing: superhero music – grand central GCLP114
albums that keep growing on you with each listen are a rare thing. fingathing has managed just that (and more) on their second longplayer. the melodies are amazing, almost kitch, but always really strong and funky. goosebump hop

3. the streets: original pirate material – locked on 679003CDLP
one word would actually be quite enuff to describe why this album really works: zeitgeist

4. akufen: my way – force inc. FIM-1-060
click house has found it’s genre-defining artist. akufen did an amazing job here. the richly layered samples, great sense of humour, housey basslines result in mind and body equally being stimulated.

5. layo & bushwacka: night works – xl XLLP154
i actually liked their first record even better, but this again is a great dancemusic record, with excursions into many genres of electronic music. and then there is that big track with the devo’s mongoloid(!) bassline …

>>> track of the year

dj shadow: six days [remix feat. mos def] – mo wax
no more war!
no more war!
no more war!

>>> mix of the year

various artists: 2 many dj’s – pias PIASB 065 CD
2 many dj’s have spearheaded what hopefully will be a new genre with their cheeky mix. from pop to krautrock to synthpop to techno, it all gets thrown into the mix. high-intensity garantied.

>>> compilations of the year

various artists: in the beginning there was the rhythm – soul jazz SJR LP57
a document of the time, when punk decided to get funky. all the protagonists of the time are present. plus: really well researched liner notes make this a great package.

various artists: back to mine orbital – dmc BACKLP10
orbital take us on a journey from punk/dub to acidhouse to techno with a few quite surprising additions. jethro tull anyone?
this is fun!

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