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Delivery for Mr. Rajab (2013) | Delivery for Mr. Rajab (2013) – “«Delivery for Mr. Rajab» is a live mail art piece. A parcel with a hidden camera is sent by post from Julian Assange to Nabeel Rajab. Through a hole in the parcel, the camera documents and live-tweets its journey through the postal system, letting anyone online follow the parcels status in real-time.”

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10 Figures of Speech – “Paradiastole, Epanorthosis, Syncatabasis, Grandiloquence, Pleonasm, Synonymia, Auxesis & Meiosis, Paralipsis, Paraprosdokian, and Apheresis/Apocope/Syncope.”

My halloween costume – A Cyriak trick or treat surprise.

▶ Hackett’s Bike Generator – “Hackett shows you how to build a bike charger for a deep cycle battery so you can power your life during the next natural disaster.”

Kurt Cobain on Identity – “I even thought that I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem.” – Kurt Cobain Interview by Jon Savage July 22, 1993.

late for meeting – “my summer vacation”


‘Trainspotting’ Author Irvine Welsh Doesn’t Regret Choosing Life – “You spend so much of your life getting fucked up; it almost feels like a high to be sober. As you get older, you think, “I haven’t got that many days left to go chucking two of them away.”

Companion Planting [infographic] – “This gardening cheat-sheet shows plants that grow well together, combinations that help control pests and bugs, combinations that are good for your garden in general, and plants that should never go near each other.”

Snowden NSA Files Decoded – “What the revelations mean for you.”

Life in the Dronescape: An Interview with Madiha Tahir – “In 2012, journalist Madiha Tahir traveled to northwest Pakistan to document the lives of people who live under drones. It’s a place that has been riven by colonial-era frontier rules, battered by Islamic militants, and abused by the Pakistani military.”

Border Check, the physical and political realities behind the internet – And interview with the coder behind “Border Check (BC) is a browser extension that illustrates the physical and political realities of the internet’s infrastructure using free software tools.”

Orgasmic Meditation Is a Whole New Way to Stroke Pussy – “OneTaste is an organization dedicated to “the partnered practice of female orgasm,” which it calls orgasmic meditation (OM). This is much like any other form of meditation, only instead of focusing on deep breathing or repeated mantras, OM is all about having someone—anyone—stroke your clitoris for 15 minutes.”

Post Digital Cultures – 6-7 DEC 2013, Lausanne – “What is the role and impact of the Internet on the changing strategies of cultural institutions ? How are artistic practices affected by social media in the globally oriented art scene ? Is Web 2.0 contributing to shape new forms of political activism and communitybased cultural production ?” This sounds interesting, but unsure if I should go or not.

Protesters Smash Google Shuttle Bus Piñata In Fight Against Rent Increases – “Sick of high-paid tech employees driving up rent prices, protestors in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood held a “Anti-Gentrification Block Party” and beat on a Google bus piñata before cops broke up the crowd.”

Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt – “Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? Climate scientists have seen the data – and they are coming to some incendiary conclusions.”

fernando resendiz folds cardboard into a homeless shelter – “easily adapted to a range of environments, the ‘homeless shelter 20/20′ designed by fernando resendiz is a cardboard blanket that can be used by people in need of temporary or emergency shelter.”

sou fujimoto’s public toilet in ichihara is a garden escape – “sou fujimoto took on the challenge of designing a toilet that while still being closed, offered an openness in the context of its site–positioned next to itabu station that runs along the north and south in ichihara-city, chiba, an area that is known for its cherry blossoms.”

What Do Occupy Protesters Think About Pepper Spray Cop Being Awarded $38,000? – “I spoke to Bernie Goldsmith—an ex-Wall Street attorney and social activist who was an Occupy organizer at UC Davis and there the day of the pepper spraying—about what his fellow protesters think of Pike’s payout.”

Mexico Bans GM Corn in Latest Win Against Monsanto and Big Agriculture – “Effective immediately, a ban on genetically-modified corn in Mexico has gone into action only days after thousands took to the streets in cities worldwide to protest against Monsanto and the GMO industry.”

Halloween The Remix Of Michael Myers by osymyso – “A remix of John Carpenter’s brilliant theme from the Halloween films featuring the voice of Dr Samuel Loomis played by Donald Pleasence” The remix master has done it again. – 574,326,401,839 tonnes of carbon.

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