good news for all those of you who thought that the swiss call-centres are the worst in the world: in italy they are much much MUCH worse… okay the swiss are pretty bad, with their passive-aggressive attitude, but the italians are openly aggressive, almost hostile even. you call them and they scream a “pronto” that sounds like “why you bothering me, you bloody bastard”
so here is my adventure with the wind call-centre:
i buy a gprs-only reloadable SIM-card to moblog and such. trying to get the account activated is the first hassle, because in the shop where i bought it, they first refuse to do it and only on the 3rd time asking they agree to do it.
so now i would only have to download the gprs-config and should be on my way. sounds easy, no? hah. think again! 13 calls to the call-centre later my gprs is finally workin. a short history:
call 1: the girl is making fun of my bad italian and finally hangs up on me.
call 2: i am asked to provide some code i have never heard of … she hangs up on me
call 3: i am barked at many many unfriendly questions like my place of birth and my email and and and, then i am given a phonemunmebr to call that costs 3 euro per minute
call 4: finally someone competent is explaining me i should send an sms to such and such number with such and such text and wait. problem is: the sending of sms is blocked with this account.
call 5: this person is kind enough to connect me with someone who can send me a config sms. problem is the sms never arives.
call 6: next try. no sms. very unfriendly
call 7: the next guy explains that i have to wait up to 24 h for the account to become active.
call 8: the next morning i try again, the account is activated and the sms sent. it never arrives.
call 9: sms sent again. never makes it here.
calls 10 to 12: same as above in various degrees of unfriendliness
call 13: it finally accurs to me that maybe reception of sms is blocked as well with this type of account. when i suggest this to the next woman, a very kind one, she dissapears for 5 to inquire and finally she confirms this, she’ll have to send me an email with the info and let me configure the whole thing manually.
well i still had to call switzerland during 4 minutes to access my mailaccount and download the file only to find out that the attachment could not be opened inside the phone. so run down to an internet place, download andt open the file, configure it in 1 minute. done. pheew…
so i’ll be moblogging! yay!

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