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pick your favorite phobia at the phobialist
i first saw this in a paper at the ireland pavillion at biennale venice.
the surprising work of katie holden is not given justice on the sad website however.
one of the papers she created during her lifework stay in venice consists of an ABC of websites. it’s brilliant!
but surprisingly enough i could not find the online version … !!!??? url’s printed on paper are very very absurd!

but back to the phobialist: seems like there is not a thing that is not a phobia:
Paraskavedekatriaphobia– Fear of Friday the 13th. [a word, that could give you —>]
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia– Fear of long words [a word, which, if you did not have it so far, would certainly give it to you. they prolly could not have found a word any longer for it?]
Ergophobia– Fear of work [check!]
Pentheraphobia– Fear of mother-in-law [strong with me tonite as we will go out for dinner with the in-laws]
Porphyrophobia– Fear of the color purple [i have that!]
Teutophobia– Fear of German or German things [is there an equivalent for this with Ireland? because i have that very much before tomorrows switzerland-ireland game! paddyophobia?]
Panophobia– Fear of everything [now that’s a handy one]
Polyphobia– Fear of many things [ahh. are you enjoying the subtle differences here?]
Papaphobia– Fear of the Pope [missie w.?]

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