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Urinal Dynamics: a tactical summary – “We illustrate the importance of good technique when using a urinal and offer some advice.” Finally! Now teach us how to poop without getting drops on our ass.

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Ta ?i Ôtô mobile bicycle project by Bureau A – “This mobile structure in Hanoi, Vietnam, by Swiss architects Bureau A has a bicycle fitted underneath so it can be cycled from place to place.”

When Harry Met Sally In Real Life – Movies In Real Life – “For our latest mission we recreated the famous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally with actors dressed as Harry and Sally and 20 additional couples in Katz’s Deli.”

Intelligent Beehives – Sensor enhanced beehive, it’s a thing now. I do wonder how bees react to electrical gear though.


Mapping the world’s deforestation over time – “We’re excited to announce today that, in a collaboration led by Dr. Matthew Hansen at the University of Maryland, we’ve built the first detailed maps of the world’s forests, from 2000-2012, documenting and quantifying forest landscape changes such as fires, tornadoes, disease and logging.”

Jeremy Hammond’s Sentencing Statement – “The following is Jeremy’s statement to the court. We have redacted a portion [marked in red] upon the orders of Judge Preska. While we believe the public has a right to know the redacted information therein, we refuse to publish information that could adversely effect Jeremy or his counsel.”

Wall Street Isn’t Worth It – “A thirty-year experiment with financial liberalization has proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the growth of Wall Street has come at the expense of society as a whole, and that the earnings it generates are not justified by a contribution to social value.”

Tod Seelie’s Dirty Homemade Riverboat Adventures – “New York City photographer Tod Seelie has spent the last decade and a half alongside a bunch of nomads who run and play and party and set things on fire and build crazy watercraft, along the way documenting a lifestyle that’s a cross between street art and high seas piracy.”

REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM —– THE CHOMSKY DOCUMENTARY – “The riveting discussion-of-a-lifetime with Noam Chomsky – “the most important intellectual alive” – on the end of the American Dream.”

The Last Interview with Yellow Dogs Before Half of Them Died in a Murder-Suicide – “Actually, there’s a big difference. We liked to think that at an illegal concert, everything illegal becomes legal. This made shows more epic and fun, right? They became a place of freedom, and each crowd member reacted based on their personality.”

Solar Plants Are Burning Birds’ Wings – “So what’s going on here? Why are birds dropping like their winged-brethren, flies, around these plants and what can we do?”

Doctors in Canada Can No Longer Prescribe Heroin – “Medically it’s not even vaguely controversial,” explains Dr. Gabor Maté, a Vancouver-based physician and addictions expert. “The decision has nothing to do with medicine.”

After the Higgs hype, Cern still has as much purpose and passion as ever – “You don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the excitement and sense of discovery that pervades Cern, the world’s great mecca of particle physics. But what’s it like to live and work there?”

Women and the Internet: Part One – “I will warn you now, while I am doing these four parts on different aspects of women’s experience and feminism in the age of the internet, every part will have the same ending. This is because I am a woman, and women can’t fix manhood. That will be the job of men for as long as they exist.”

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