das gute/schlechte bild

arrow das schlechte bild is a website where people can upload “bad images”, either their own or stuff that they found on the glorious wwWank. in their mission statement it says: rettet das schlechte bild! = save the bad image!
bruce lee - das schlechte bild
bruce lee

arrow a book on demand by armin linke offers a slightly different approach.
well quite a different approach actually.
on this website you can configure your own fotography artbook. from an extensive pool of digital photos you can pick the ones you want featured in your custom-made book, you then send the order, the book gets printed in milano and shipped to you in the post. at 25 euro a pop this is a a very cool idea me thinks, and this approach could/should be expanded to many different projects.
maurizo cattelan - a book on demand
maurizio cattelan @ st.kitts caribean

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