Yo Men! Wake up to the hyper-connected, hyper-distributed cyborgian network world

Quinn Norton has been writing a very inspiring series, Women and the Internet, and in doing so she has re-written feminism.

Today she published the final part of the series, and it is so brilliant that I want to scream in excitement.

Please do read this and spread the word:

Feminism’s Twist Ending

We have this tremendous world to manage, and we’re doing a piss-poor job of it, because of the myth of nature, the myth of manhood, the myth that it means anything at all to be “on top” in a hyper-connected, hyper-distributed cyborgian network world. And despite our artists and thinkers telling us this for hundreds of years, men and women are so scared of not being liked that they are killing themselves, each other, and the whole damn planet.
I am a cyborg, and I am extremely angry feminist. But I don’t hate men, I love the fuck out of men, sometimes literally, and always figuratively.

I love them so much I want them to get their act together, face the changing nature of manhood, and stop dying of more stress-related diseases and suicides than the victims of their gendered violence. I want men to stop killing the planet out of the need to still be a kind of man that technology had made irrelevant a thousand years ago. I want men to stop trying to be old gods, and join women in being cyborgs.

Women need feminism, but men need it more.

I am in, Quinn!
Thank you.

The whole series is fantastic:
Online and Offline Violence Towards Women – Part one.
Context Collapse, Architecture, and Plows – Part two.
Sexytime, Gender Roles, and Credit Where Due – Part Three.


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