branded children

i am still in shock about the news i read yesterday:
it appears that there is a trend in the USA to name kids after brands:
24 girls were given the name Porsche, 269 girls Chanel, while 273 boys and 298 girls now listen to the name Armani, and there are even Kids called Dior, L’Oreal, Evian, Ikea, Chardonay, Nivea, Lexus, Nike, Pepsi and even, get this, Duxiana, which is an expensive matress made in sweden…
its awful.
but why is nobody calling there kids Toyota, Heintz Ketchup or Wonderbread?
Knorr(li) would be a cool swiss brand name, Cenovis, Euceta or how about Picoflex, a swiss matress?
[via TA]

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