dj’s have it hard

just got back from seeing kill bill and how many goddamn times has this happend, man…
as a dj i usually fall in love with one of the songs in a movie.
so at the end of the film i end up siting around for ever waiting for the music credits to come on.
can somebody please explain this to me?
why is it that the music is always listed last in filmcredits?
and when they finally do come on its usually written in hypersmall print and/or in two or more rows so you sure as hell can’t read it.
i mean its ridiculous, why would the wigs person and the cook driver and every last animal trainer or whatever be more important than the music?

the movie? since i don’t wanna give anything away to people who have not seen it yet lemme do this first

i kept having this thought in my head “… oh wait … there’s more killing?…”
that about sums this movie up.
somebody will have to explain to me why this “material” deserved to be made into two movies …
it’s actually not all bad. but it does fluctuate from the brilliant to the almost poor.
of course there are neat lil QT touches everywhere.
take the sound-effects for instance. really well done! but the “spraying blood” is only funny maybe 3 times – and that actually counts in images too.
my favorite sound-effect has got to be the *blop* of the mosquitosting, that awakens *beep* – or however else uma is called other than “the bride” – from her koma.
then there are too many times, mainly in fight scenes, where you can tell its uma’s stunt doing the action. their bodytype is just too different!
but we of course loved Gogo, who must be our dear friend wurzeltod’s spiritual sister …
and pussywagon…
and many of the twists and turns and references…
but all in all, it’s totally over done and trying way to hard!

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