69 Minutes Of Cheesiness – Deleted Scene One – A Selectah J Mix


“When cheese gets it’s picture taken, what does it say?”
George Carlin

DOWNLOAD: 69 Minutes Of Cheesiness – Deleted Scene One – The Cheesy House Bit [38 MB – 0:15:48 – 320kbs]

This is one of two additional mixes that I worked on for the 69 Minutes of Cheesiness Mix from last week. For Deleted Scene One I tried to create a totally cheesy house mix, something I never allowed myself to play as a left field DJ. In the end didn’t work with the other parts of the mix, so I am posting it alone.

I hope you enjoy it and please spread the word 😉


69 Minutes Of Cheesiness – Deleted Scene One – The Cheesy House Bit

01. DJ Koze – Track ID Anyone? (ft. Caribou)
02. Balduin – Choose Cheese
03. Filewile feat. RQM – Damn (Round Table Knights Rmx)
04. Das Racist – Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX)
05. Mosca – Eva Mendez
06. Spank Rock – Rick Rubin (Revox Ft Pace Rock)
07. Midland – Bring Joy (2012 Refix)
08. Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie (Four Tet remix)
09. Knife Party – Knife Party – Internet Tetris Rapture (Chuckie Mash)
10. Tevo Howard – Intersection
11. Consolidated – Is This The Cheese Dip
12. Belbury Poly – Green Grass Grows

All additional samples from the movie The World’s End


Cover created by frenzine.net (Thanks 1 Billion)
More of my mixes can be found at pieceoplastic.com/index.php/mixes
Many more versions of popcorn (if you can stand another one) can be found here and here

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